those awesome Xiaomi products you didn’t know existed

those awesome Xiaomi products you didn't know existed

You may not know it, but Xiaomi is a company that has multiple strings to its bow and that can be found in many markets as amazing as that of clothing or household appliances.

If Xiaomi is above all known for its smartphones, you probably also know that the manufacturer is not limited only to that. From the connected device to urban mobility via audio peripherals, Xiaomi regularly shines with products that combine performance, design and particularly attractive price positioning.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg. Because Xiaomi is actually an extremely versatile company, present on a wide variety of themes, and whose catalog is full of references that you probably do not even suspect exist. From the connected fryer to the cordless drill, today we’re talking about the most amazing Xiaomi products.

The Mi Pocket Photo Printer

Sold for 59.99 euros, the Mi Pocket Photo Printer is far from being the most extravagant device on this list. Still, Xiaomi obliges, this little device has everything you would expect from a pocket printer, with a few extras. In addition to the fact that it can quickly print photos sent from your smartphone – or those of one of your loved ones thanks to its multipoint connection – it can also associate audio or video messages with your photos in augmented reality.

The Mi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L

If you’ve always wanted to come home to be greeted by the smell of freshly baked fries, the Mi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L is for you. This connected fryer can be controlled remotely or programmed to cook food whenever you want, up to 24 hours in advance. But this is not its only asset. Without oil, it offers healthier cooking, with little fat. And to top it off, it can also be used as a yogurt maker, electric oven or dehydrator. An all-in-one device offered by Xiaomi for 129 euros.

The Xiaomi Massage Gun

The Massage Gun, or massage gun in good French, is a tool used by many athletes during their practice. Able to heat the muscles, relieve muscle tension or pain, it also relaxes the tissues after exercise. If, in fact, it looks more like a small jackhammer than a real gun, it’s hard to deny its effectiveness. With this device, Xiaomi intends to help you take care of yourself without breaking the bank, since it is offered at 119.99 euros at the moment.

The Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini

By rummaging through Xiaomi’s catalog, it is possible to discover many devices dedicated to the maintenance of your home, robot vacuum cleaners in mind. But the manufacturer also has some much more original references, like this Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini. A device sold for less than 50 euros which revives the concept of handheld vacuum cleaners with an extremely compact format (less than 30 cm high for a diameter of 55 mm and approximately 500 g on the scale), without neglecting the power with a suction up to 6000 Pa.

The Mi Portable Air Pump 1S

If you’re a regular bike user, chances are you’re already familiar with this device. made in Xiaomi. For 59.99 euros, the manufacturer offers you a small ultra-powerful compressor capable of reinflating the tires of your faithful steed in a jiffy in the event of a slack. And if it is a great success with velocipede enthusiasts, know that this device can also be used to inflate a balloon, the tires of a motorcycle or better, those of a car. Last advantage, an integrated LED lamp to help you re-inflate your tires at night!

The Mi Water Ionic Air Dryer H500

Very present in the beauty and well-being segment, Xiaomi regularly offers innovative products in this area, such as its Mi Water Ionic Air Dryer H500, a hair dryer designed to preserve hair as much as possible. How ? Well by using the moisture in the air to hydrate the hair as it dries, so as to increase shine or even fight against static and frizz. A real concentrate of hair technology offered around 70 euros by the brand.

The Xiaomi Smart Doorbell 3

Within Xiaomi’s catalog you can discover many connected devices to equip every room in your home. Among them, the Smart Doorbell 3, a connected doorbell that has more than one trick up its sleeve. 2K ultra-wide-angle camera, real-time monitoring with key notification, facial recognition and XXL autonomy are the order of the day, all for less than 100 euros. That is the demand of the people ?

The Xiaomi 12v Max Brushless Cordless Drill

When Xiaomi tackles tooling, it’s not to offer a common device. Example with this cordless drill which stands out first of all by a design of foolproof sobriety and a powerful electromagnetic motor. Behind these clean lines hides a particularly effective drill/screwdriver duo capable of supporting you without difficulty in small daily tasks. A very nice drill therefore, which will still cost you the trifle of 149.99 euros.

The Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain

This is one of the novelties of this end of the year at Xiaomi. After the connected kibble dispenser, the manufacturer offers us a connected water fountain capable of providing pure water 24 hours a day to our little furballs. Better still, this fully connected device can be controlled remotely via the Xiaomi Home app: reminders for filter replacement or water replenishment, change of water delivery mode. A top-of-the-range water fountain, therefore, currently sold for 79.99 euros.

An even larger catalog outside France

If you have already been surprised by the few products that we have presented to you above, you are not at the end of your surprises. Why ? Well, quite simply because Xiaomi’s French catalog represents only a tiny fraction of the manufacturer’s full catalog. And you just have to take a look at the brand’s global store to notice it.

As you browse the virtual shelves of this store, you can discover a plethora of products in fields as varied as household appliances, home automation, musical instruments, clothing and even cooking. Among the most amazing, we were able to cross paths with a smart pillow to help you monitor your sleep, a magnificent ship in imitation LEGO, a smart rowing machine, or even a connected mirror capable of monitoring the front. and the rear of your vehicle.

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