Well-being: hands, neck, lower back… 3 massage ideas to do yourself to finally relax

Well-being: hands, neck, lower back… 3 massage ideas to do yourself to finally relax

Self-massage has become the little moment not to be neglected to relax and reboost your whole body. To be carried out at home or in the office, here are 3 ideas for hand, neck and back massages to do yourself to transport you on a little cloud.

Take some time for yourself ! Self-massage has only benefits. It can be both energizing, perfect for active people or people looking to re-energize. And it is also soothing since it provides a moment of relaxation extreme. People prone to stress should adopt it. Say goodbye to knots and accumulated tension with this technique. Just like facial gymnastics to slow skin aging, hand, neck and back massage should become part of your routine.

Super relaxing hand self-massage

The hands are solicited on a daily basis, so to take care of them nothing better than a little homemade massage. For an energizing side, start by warming up your hands by doing wrist rotations. Then use your thumb to press into the palm of your hand for 10-15 seconds. The ideal movement to boost lymphatic circulation and detoxify is to press with two fingers, smoothing the skin and sliding on your index finger, and so on. You can also wake up the nervous system of the hand by stretching the fingers one after the other, using the index finger and the thumb. Avoid cracking your fingers! And to finish, warm your palms again, and place them on your closed eyes.

Self-massage of the neck to release tension

If you have neck pain or muscle tension in the neck, perform these movements. First, place your hands on either side of the lower neck. Try to grab your neck by palming the side muscles. And there, apply pressure as if kneading bread dough. Continue this movement for several minutes. You can also target the shoulders and neck which are often responsible for stiffness in this area of ​​your body. To do this, place your hands on your shoulders. Grab the meaty part and keep your elbows in contact with your chest. Then, staying straight, pull your shoulders down. And tilt your head forward, then straighten it, and this, several times. Keep going until you feel that tension disappear.

Self-massage of the lower back for relief

Often the victim of pain, the lower back deserves your attention. There is a specific type of self-massage to really relieve it. Clench your fists and put them behind your back. Keeping a steady pace, you will tap on this area for 1 minute. Repeat the percussion gesture several times. Of course, don’t hit too hard. The massage must remain pleasant.

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