“Enjoy your beauty”: this blunder of Léa (Star Academy) in front of a former Miss France

"Enjoy your beauty": this blunder of Léa (Star Academy) in front of a former Miss France

On Wednesday November 16, 2022, TF1 broadcast a new issue of the daily newspaper star Academy. In the latter, the academicians still in the running received Kev Adams. The comedian asked them to tell an anecdote about their adventure and that of Louis concerning Léa’s huge blunder did not go unnoticed…

This week could not be more tense for the students of the star Academy. This Tuesday, November 15, 2022, the six academicians still in the running, namely Enola, Louis, Léa, Tiana, Chris and Anisha appeared before the faculty for the most specific evaluations. And for good reason, this week, no nomination for the students, but a place in the final to be won. And so that they are all on an equal footing, Michael Goldman had announced the very precise rules. Indeed, the candidates were free to choose the song they were going to interpret and they then had to tell their adventure in any way whatsoever, except by singing.

And some students stood out in particular. This is particularly the case of Léa. The young woman delivered an improvisation of her own which made the teachers cry with laughter as it was “bad” as Yanis Marshall confided at the end of his performance: “I don’t even know what I saw. She was killing me with laughter but I laughed because it sucked. It was really bad. Same story for the director: “I did not expect her to do Molière for us. It’s very little bumpy. There is no text. It’s not written. For the song, I must admit that I was disappointed. I am told: It is Léa who takes over Christina Aguilera, it’s his field so much that I think it’s going to be incredible. And the accuracy issues bothered me.”

“T‘re reducing it”

For once, Léa once again stood out, but against a former Miss France. After their evaluations, the academicians received Kev Adams for a masterclass. During the latter, they had to tell an anecdote about their adventure. Louis took the opportunity to come back to the first outing of the students of this promotion, during the preview of the film Black Panther November 7, 2022. During this outing, Léa obviously did great Léa as the one who won his ticket for the final said: “I love the Miss France (…) We can see Alicia AyliesMiss France 2017, she is beautiful, she is incredible, and suddenly I say to Léa ‘Come let’s talk to him'” he begins by telling. Visibly delighted to meet her, Léa sends her a few words: “I arrive and I say to him ‘I wanted to tell you that you are the most beautiful in the world, I am so impressed by your beauty, I am so happy to have seen you'”.

Louis then continues: “It’s so cute, we chat a little and she says to us ‘Ah, the Star Ac’… and it ends she says to us ‘Enjoy your Star Academy adventure'”. A piece of advice that inspired Léa, who returned the favor very awkwardly: “And you, enjoy your beauty” she threw at him, which provoked the laughter of his comrades. Enola’s best friend then concluded on the subject: “She told Alicia Aylies who was very uncomfortablebut it was suddenly shared (…) She didn’t realize it at the time, but basically you’re reducing her to just that and you tell her it won’t last”. Too much honesty, or abuse of language?

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