Find out the (beautiful) salary she should receive each month

Find out the (beautiful) salary she should receive each month

On December 17, the election of Miss France 2023 will take place. Many people should then find themselves in front of their television to follow the long-awaited beauty contest each year. 29 young women from all over the country will parade in front of a hand-picked jury. Like every year, spectators will also have their say since they too will be able to make their choices by voting for their favorite by SMS.

So if you want to participate in the election of the next French beauty queen, be careful to make your choice. And for good reason, the coveted title can truly change a life. All the Miss France become real stars. But that’s not the only reward at stake!

Miss France 2023 will leave with a lot of gifts and a substantial monthly salary

The other Miss France 2023 awards will be many gifts and a substantial monthly salary. As every year, the winner of the competition will leave with an electric car, a computer, a complete wardrobe. But also a stay of seven days and six nights in a sumptuous Versailles palace for two people, a hairdresser at home, or even watches. She will also have at her disposal a sublime Parisian apartment next to the Champs-Élysées, the rent of which amounts to 1,500 euros.

The salary is a secret that the production of the show has always preferred not to reveal. Especially after Miss France 2019, Vaimalama Chaves, complained about it. In the columns of The Express in 2016, Sylvie Tellier had however already mentioned it: “When you are elected Miss France, you are not overwhelmed by millions. We earn in the year the equivalent of a senior executive salary.” Either the equivalent or more than 50,000 euros per year.

Diane Leyre did not make Miss France for the money

At the question, “Do you consider yourself well paid for your year as Miss France?” asked by a journalist PurePeopleDiane Leyre replied: “The answer is extremely simple: I did not decide to do Miss France for the money. When I signed the contract, I’m not sure I even looked at the salary. This title is above all the realization of several months of preparation where I fought against many different candidates. It would be sad to dwell on the financial. A dream is free for me and the money is just bonus, because everything I experience on a daily basis is priceless. So my salary suits me.”

A symbolic salary for regional candidates

You will understand, Diane Leyre did not make Miss France for the money. This is a good answer to the question for the image of the Miss France company, which was also accused of paying the contestants badly. If Miss France 2023 will receive a good income each month, the regional candidates do not seem not all satisfied with their salary. “We were paid 84 euros per day, or 252 euros net in all,” confided a regional Miss to the newspaper The Parisian last January.

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Miss France 2023 will have an employment contract

Let us remember, the collective Dare feminism had seized the prud’hommes so that the Miss France contest is more regulated. : “ Through this legal action, we wish to call on the companies producing Miss France to face up to their responsibilities by correcting their sexist and discriminatory rules, but also by respecting labor law,” explained the president of the association, Alyssa Ahrabare. Following these pressures, the beauty contest is this year more supervised. Miss France 2023 will be the first to receive a work contract.

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