How to get through the winter period with baby?

hiver bébé

Drop in temperature, cough, cold… Winter is a source of various inconveniences for both adults and toddlers. how to dress baby to help him cope with the cold? What are the right things to do for your well-being? Should we go out with our little one despite the chilly weather?… There are many questions that come to mind when we have a fragile little being to protect from the cold. In this article, find out how to get through the winter season safely with baby!

Choose clothes optimized for the cold

Winter period rhymes with warm clothes. Down jacket, parka, hat… For us adults, it’s easy to make a choice to keep body heat high. When it comes to dressing baby, the task looks tougher. Indeed, in order for it to withstand low temperatures, it needs an outfit that is neither too heavy nor too light. So, for his comfortadopt the “ onion technique “. This is a method of dressing in layers to trap air and achieve an insulating effect. In this sense, favor soft materials, such as oldest boy and the silk. These fabrics are known to adapt to body temperature by retaining heat. In addition, they are cozy in contact with fragile skin toddlers. But you can also turn to cotton. The goal will just be to opt for natural and comfortable materials. In addition, check that little one is not too hot by regularly touching his skin. If you smell sweat, consider taking a diaper off.

Have adequate buffs on hand

The cold puts the body to the test. In order to strengthen the immune system baby and your children, it is important to have tonics at all times. So, opt for food supplements reinforcing natural defenses appropriate for their age. These are rich in vitamins, trace elements and extracts from plants of all kinds. They will bring additional contributions to the end of the cabbage to fight against the cold.
In case of common cold and flu, turn to dry cough syrups made with natural ingredients. And to unclog baby’s airways, also choose a natural decongestant balm.
The combination of these products will ensure your little one’s health and well-being, especially during the snowy season.

Do not deprive yourself of outings!

Wind and snow often deter us from going for a walk with baby. However, it is important to go out, even when it is cold. The stroll remains a rewarding activity for little ones. And by taking it outside, you allow it to acclimatize to the various vagaries of the weather. The more outings you make, the more he will develop the necessary antibodies to withstand the cold over the years. It is obviously essential to dress baby well before going through the door. And in addition to the bunion technique suggested above, wear additional accessories like a footmuff.

Use appropriate care to protect baby’s skin

Winter promotes dehydration and dryness of the skin. In order to rehydrate and protect baby’s fragile epidermis, it is imperative to buy appropriate care for his skin. Generally, high-fat treatments are recommended, as they preserve the hydrolipidic film skin. But if you have any doubts, do not hesitate to consult a specialist who will direct you towards healthy and effective products. In any case, it is always recommended to opt for natural care.

Which hot water bottle should I choose for my baby?

The brand Biosynex has created microwaveable stuffed animals in the likeness of Disney cartoon characters. These hot water bottles are suitable for children of all ages, even the youngest. You can therefore offer them as a birth gift, surprise of Christmas … Easy to use, they will entertain your children while keeping them warm for hours. Whether during naps, during your walk to the park or while shopping, as well as to accompany them until the end of the night.

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