In Bernay, very practical work for high school girls in aesthetics

In Bernay, very practical work for high school girls in aesthetics

Bac pro students from Saint-Anselme high school were able to practice in real conditions with a vulnerable public, at preferential rates, as part of the Soli’Bel project.

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For the students of Bac pro Esthétique at Saint-Anselme high school in Bernay, supervised by Stéphanie Monfort and Marlène Duval, nothing beats regular practice of the techniques studied in class. If the ladies practice with each other, they received, from February to May 2022, the opportunity to practice with real customers, as part of the Soli’Bel project, which will be renewed until the end of the school year. 2022-23, under the leadership of Jean-Michel Coquet, Senior Education Advisor.

Manicure and facials

The technical platform of the classroom has, to date, been taken over by women and a few men aged 20 to 89. They tasted, for 45 minutes, the pleasure of being pampered by caring students, the students in care and personal services support offering a snack, while taking charge of the young children for the duration of the session.

Requested in turn, under the supervision of their teachers, ready to rectify an awkwardness and to provide advice, the young girls have chained facials and manicures.

A pedagogical vocation which will gradually integrate “all the situations that can be encountered in a salon, between welcoming customers, managing appointments, not forgetting cash payment”, emphasizes Marlene Duval.

Sessions are billed at unbeatable prices (€8 for a facial, €4 for a manicure).

A new start

The beauty institute is aimed at a fragile public, guided by the establishment’s partners (Catholic Relief, Accés social center, Ysos, CCAS). Other partnerships are envisaged, with the respite break for caregivers, or support structures for people with disabilities.

Audiences for whom taking care of their body is not necessarily self-evident, between financial difficulties which lead to depriving themselves of certain small pleasures and lack of self-esteem or self-confidence.

“As for the school environment in which the service takes place, it can intimidate some of our users. We support those who wish to break down these invisible barriers »notes Bérénice Marie, project manager at the Accés social center.

Faced with shattered life paths, visiting a beauty salon can be an opportunity for a new start. The repair of a damaged body then goes hand in hand with mental regeneration, as for those protected at the reception center for asylum seekers (Cada) of the Ysos association, which evokes “a real expectation”.

Soli’Bel weeks, spread over three afternoons, should punctuate the end of the months to come.

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