Iris Mittenaere only uses this treatment to have silky hair and it is less than 25 €

Iris Mittenaere only uses this treatment to have silky hair and it is less than 25 €

Having the same hair as Iris Mittenaere is possible thanks to this range of treatments currently on sale.

Did you know there was metal in the water? Over the washes, your hair can be weakened in addition to bleaching and the use of appliances such as hair dryers or straighteners. Despite the multiple hairstyles of Iris Mittenaere, former Miss France and Miss Universe, her hair does not seem to suffer from the different treatments. The secret ? A range of hair care from L’Oréal. It’s on sale as Black Friday approaches.

The secret of Iris Mittenaere’s silky hair at a low price

€24.29 instead of €30.60

With its 1,720 reviews, this cleansing treatment is ideal for damaged, colored and discolored hair. Enriched with glicoamine and ionene, this product gently cleanses the hair fiber by getting rid of the accumulation of metal particles, such as copper, or those linked to pollution. After several shampoos, your mane looks better, shinier, like that of Iris Mittenaere. As Black Friday approaches, it drops to €24.29 instead of €30.60.

€22.70 instead of €30.60

In addition to the shampoo, the mask has an additional action and allows up to – 87% breakage. For best results, leave it on for up to 15 minutes on clean, towel-dried hair. It benefits from a -26% discount for a limited time, going to €22.70 instead of €30.60. In addition to Iris Mittenaere, there are more than 1,306 people who hide behind the reviews of this hair care product.

€24.38 instead of €31.50

Finally, to end this new hair routine in style, the concentrated oil has a light texture and rapid absorption. Added to shampoo and mask, the results are 97% less breakage. It also nourishes and protects against heat, which is imperative when using appliances like straightening or curling irons.

A very popular skincare range on social networks

L’Oréal’s Metal Detox hair care range is widely acclaimed, and not just by the former Miss France. According to Charlotte Feltin, Head of L’Oréal Hair Care Laboratories:

Glicoamine is the only active agent small enough to target and neutralize the metal inside the fiber. The integrity of the fiber is preserved, the color is controlled and the oxidant does its job to the full.

An effectiveness recognized by Iris Mittenaere, but also by many followers of care on social networks. For example, on TikTok, there are many videos dedicated to L’Oréal’s Metal Detox range.


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