Ronaldo is still going all out

Ronaldo is still going all out

Manchester United and its players still take for their rank this Wednesday with the broadcast of the first part of the interview with Cristiano Ronaldo which caused a scandal.

The excerpts broadcast until then foreshadowed a good dose of gall this Wednesday evening again from Cristiano Ronaldo. While waiting for the possible final bouquet on Thursday, the first part of the CR7 interview broadcast by British journalist Piers Morgan obviously does not spare Manchester United. ” When I signed for Manchester United I thought everything had changed because it had been 13 years since I left… But I was surprised, in a bad way, because I saw that everything was the same . Club instability hit me. […] Sir Alex Ferguson left a big void at the club. There is no progress. I can compare with Real Madrid and even Juventus. A club the size of Manchester should be at the top and unfortunately they are not… »

The five-time Ballon d’Or, whose image was erased from the facade of Old Trafford on Wednesday, continues its demonstration by firing red balls at Ralf Rangnick, the technician who preceded Erik ten Hag on the Mancunian bench. ” Was it ridiculous to appoint Ralf Rangnick coach in 2021? Sure. When Ole Gunnar Solskjær was fired, a top manager needed to be brought in, not a sporting director. If you’re not even a manager, how do you want to be the boss of Manchester United? I didn’t know Rangnick. I told people about it and no one knew about it… »

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Even more acidic with his current teammates, Cristiano Ronaldo displays his contempt for the new generation. ” They do not care. I don’t think they disrespect experienced players, that’s not the word, but it’s a different generation. They are not hungry, they are not in pain. It does not surprise me. But it’s a shame because they have the best examples in front of their eyes. I remember when I was 18, 19, 20, I was always watching top players like Van Nistelrooy, Ferdinand, Roy Keane, and Giggs, that’s why I had this success and longevity. Because I take care of my body, my mentality, my head, because I see these guys and I learn from them. […] In my opinion, they will not have long careers. A lot of people from my generation play until they are 36, 37, but those won’t make it. »

And to add: I’m not the type of guy who likes to give advice, because I prefer to be an example. Because I am an example. I’m there every morning and I do the same things. I’m probably the first in and the last out. I think the details speak for themselves. That’s why I say I like to lead by example. “As a result, few of the Red Devils find favor in the eyes of the Portuguese. “ At Manchester United, I can quote Dalot, he is young but very professional and I have no doubt that he will have longevity in football because he is young, he is intelligent and very professional. There is also Martinez and Casemiro who is in his thirties… »

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