The BODYSUMMER: Quick and effortless thanks to aesthetic medicine!

The BODYSUMMER: Quick and effortless thanks to aesthetic medicine!

What are the causes of sagging skin and the dreaded orange peel appearance as summer approaches?

Several factors are involved, some are related to lifestyle and others to physiological problems. If a healthy lifestyle combining balanced diet, sport and genetics are the tripod of bodysummer, it is not always enough. It is also necessary to ban tobacco, but also repeated and excessive exposure to the sun. From the age of 25-30, the skin begins to lose elasticity and becomes slack. This is particularly noticeable on the face and body, legs, buttocks, but also arms and knees. In addition, circulatory problems and poor drainage promote the appearance of cellulite. These are factors that you can hardly control yourself.

What are the solutions provided by aesthetic medicine for a young and toned face?

There are different and complementary solutions adapted to each need and each part of the body. To give a boost of radiance, cleanse your skin and moisturize it, I suggest using a Zaffiro® device which is done in two stages. First of all, we do a water peeling which is a powerful jet of water with an infusion of active ingredients such as vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, projected on the skin in order to clean it in depth. It’s a mini Karcher! The results are stunning, and all in one session! In addition to it is absolutely not painful and you come out of the session with an incredible feeling of freshness! Then, we do a thermo lifting by infra-red waves. This technique stimulates the fibroblasts to accelerate the natural production of collagen and elastin. To put it simply, I always say that it is a device that “irons” the folds, which smoothes out! The skin is firmer and the features remodeled.

It is an act to be done all year round, in summer, before a particular event to be resplendent.

If this technique is most often chosen for the face, it is quite possible to do it on any part of the body such as the neckline, the neck, the back or the knees.

Depending on the clinical examination and the loss of density, I can also recommend the “N-Lift” protocol which is done in two stages. First, we inject hyaluronic acid then, a week later, we intervene with a session of Zaffiro®. It is the ideal combination to accentuate the lifting and moisturizing actions of hyaluronic acid.

Can aesthetic medicine help eliminate unsightly bulges?

Fat bulges, sagging skin, cellulite… All of this can be treated in an aesthetic medicine practice without surgery! For fat deposits in the abdomen, flanks and bra crease, I recommend Cryolipolysis with the Coolsculpting® Elite slimming and bodycontouring machine, which destroys fat cells without surgery. It’s the cold that will do the work. It is a very effective and non-invasive solution. In general, one session is enough to reduce the fat mass on the treated area by a third, and it only takes about three to five weeks to see the first results, which will be permanent at equal weight after three months! As for sagging skin and the orange peel appearance, they are generally treated with Onda Coolwaves ® sessions. This machine is able to melt fat, belly, thighs, hips, but also the lower part of the buttocks, the banana under the buttocks, between the thighs, or even the arms, while having a remodeling action for the tissues . This microwave technique acts in depth without risk of burns or contraindications. It takes about 4 to 6 sessions to have perfect results! Finally, it is also possible to inject collagen inducers with fillers such as Ellansé ® on the face and Lanluma ® on the body (neck and décolleté, buttocks, arms, belly, thigh, inner thighs) in order to stimulate the skin, giving it volume for a rejuvenating effect. Ideal to have the Bodysummer!

Come on, let’s make an appointment quickly, it’s not too late to be on top for the summer!

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