Vendée: she refuses him sex, he swings his microwave from the 14th floor

Vendée: she refuses him sex, he swings his microwave from the 14th floor

The kitchens are only equipped with two hotplates, a microwave and a sink.
Caught in a fit of anger, Sébastien threw his victim’s microwave after hitting her. ©Victor Massias

On May 29, 2022, at 8:30 a.m., Françoise* went to the emergency room in La Roche-sur-Yon. The young woman says she suffered physical and sexual violence from the man she is dating. She has a bruise on her right temple, marks on her face, a swollen mouth and bruises in several places on her body.

Introduced out of the blue

Earlier in the night, the man she has been dating for a few weeks, broke into her home unexpectedly, stole her apartment keys and her phone. While her children are sleeping in the next room, Françoise has asked Sébastien* to leave.

The 36-year-old man feigned the exit before retracing his steps, and begged to stay, with a falsely sad look. He insists and tells her of his feelings by suggesting a sexual relationship which she refuses. The tension rises and Sébastien begins to get angry. He gives her a first slap and loses her temper. “I’m going to kill you, you’re playing with my feelings,” he said in a fit of anger. Furious that she won’t give in to his advances, he grabs several objects and smashes them to the floor. Françoise is terrified and orders him to stop.

“A man who can trip”

The argument continues in the kitchen. Still furious, the man threatened to jump from the balcony, located at 4e stage. Françoise bars his way to stop him and takes the blows he deals to her. Sebastian grabs the microwave and throws it out the window. He lands 40 meters below. A dull noise sounded. Sébastien is described by a mutual friend as “influenceable and able to trip”. The defendant is not at his first attempt, “He has already been the subject of five convictions between 2007 and 2021”, informs the president.

A non-consensual report?

Worried and terrified, she ends up accepting a report which she will then describe as “not consented”, although difficult to prove. An element, noted by his lawyer, who evokes “a significant traumatic shock” when the president asks him why Françoise finally accepted this sexual relationship.

9 months suspended sentence

Insisting on the paralyzed state of Françoise, “who refused to go to trial for fear of seeing her attacker”, the lawyer. The sum of the material damage is increased to 200 euros: 100 euros are required for the degradation of the microwave and 100 euros for the other objects destroyed in the apartment “which represented a symbolic value for the victim”, affirms his lawyer.

The sentence retained is nine months in prison with a probationary suspension of two years, with a ban on approaching the victim’s home or contacting her and an obligation to provide care and training.

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* Assumed first names

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