a French and vegan belt that adapts to your body

a French and vegan belt that adapts to your body

What if fashion adapted to us (and our different morphologies) rather than the other way around? Today, we unearthed a very nice project that we invite you to discover: the Libelté belts!

Libelté is a buckle-free, adjustable, elastic and one-size-fits-all belt that keeps your pants in place… while pampering your body. For adults, no more pressure on the belly and stomach, no more buckles to manipulate, no more holes in t-shirts or bumps under the sweater… and for children, an easy to put on and adjust belt that won the PARENTS experts prize for the autonomy it gives our little ones.

In addition, the Libelté belt is vegan, without leather of animal origin, uses recycled fabric, is made in France in partnership with ESATs and 1% of the profits are donated each year to the Endofrance association which fights against endometriosis. . Discovery with Audrey DESPAGNE, co-founder of Libelté, who is currently in the middle of a crowdfunding campaign on Ulule.

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Who are you, what is your background and what is your role in the project?

Hi ! I’m Audrey, I’m from Lille and I’m 35 years old. Previously a nurse for 7 years, I had various experiences in IME, EPHAD, clinic and hospital.

My last assignment was with “Un chez soi d’abord”, a project aimed at reintegrating people with mental disorders into society through access to housing.

At the end of my CDD missions, I had time to reflect and I had the will, with my spouse, to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure.

Audrey and Jef – Photo: Libelté

Can you tell us about your project?

During my 7 years as a nurse, I was able to meet many different patients. Of all ages, social backgrounds, morphologies or lifestyle. All of them were once confronted with the limits of their clothing.

Simple limits, often imposed by the dictates of fashion.

It is from this observation that the desire to create inclusive accessories, which are liberating for their wearers, is born. One size fits all, freeing you from constraints and allowing you to focus on what you do rather than what you have. Style should not be a matter of compromise. Our belt brings comfort to anyone who wishes to be free in their clothes.

Photo: Libelté

The Libelté belt is one size, has no buckle, is elastic and adjustable. It maintains all outfits from size 32 to size 64. The children’s model (from 3 to 15 years old) was rewarded by PARENTS magazine for the autonomy it provides.

Libelté is a solution for all people who wish to have perfectly fitted trousers while forgetting that they are wearing a belt (no more bumps or buckles that get in the way).


Photo: Libelté

Why did you decide to embark on this adventure?

I have always loved my job as a nurse, which is my job at heart. The non-renewal of the fixed-term contract within the “Un chez soi d’abord” project was imposed on me, because the workforce had to be contained for economic reasons. I don’t know how to stay inactive and I’ve always been attracted to entrepreneurship (that said, I miss home teams and teamwork too!! I’m not alone, fortunately my spouse and partner accompanies and helps me in the adventure).

So I thought during this period of unemployment about how I could reconcile “taking care of” and being an entrepreneur. Solve one of the problems that my patients encountered by putting my values ​​into it:

  • partnership with ESATs;
  • French made;
  • donation to Endofrance;
  • responsible approach as best we can in the way of manufacturing;

…quickly became obvious to me.

Belt buckles have always been a source of pain for my patients. (Digestive operation, nickel allergy, manipulation problem, dyspraxia, endobelly, etc.) We found alternative solutions to the belt with scarves.

Photo: Libelté

What message do you want to convey through your action?

Libelté is also a snub to the diktats of fashion. The belt does not leave indifferent by its style and its use. I’ve always found both impressive and funny, the constraints that we can sometimes inflict on ourselves to buy the gaze of the other.

Photo: Libelté

We modestly hope to be able to participate in the emancipation of this scheme and think first of all about feeling good in your sneakers rather than their colors.

This is the message we wanted to convey with the slogan that appears on our pouches “Free not to buckle it up”.

Photo: Libelté

Want to support this beautiful project and discover Libelté belts? So go to the crowdfunding platform Ulule! Libelté is currently in the middle of a crowdfunding campaign and offers to discover its comfortable, adjustable, elastic and one-size-fits-all belts. It’s happening here!

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