Anti-ageing: younger face, plumper cheeks… boost your collagen with the advice of a pro

Anti-ageing: younger face, plumper cheeks... boost your collagen with the advice of a pro

Nothing better to fight against wrinkles than adopting a good beauty routine that stimulates the production of collagen. But do you know how to do it? Nathalie Dendura, facialist, shares her best tips.

Collagen is a very important protein for our body. The body produces it naturally and it is therefore omnipresent in our skin. It contributes to bringing it both strength and elasticity, qualities that have earned it the reputation of being a source of youth. And for good reason, from childhood until our early twenties, collagen is abundant in our bodies. Then, its production starts to decrease considerably. From then on, the aging process, both internally and externally, is set in motion. Which means: appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, dry skin, droopy eyelids So how do you try to artificially replenish collagen? Nathalie Dendura, facialist, has the answer!

Anti-aging: how to increase facial collagen to stop aging?

In the beauty industry, many collagen-boosting products have multiplied: powders, gummies, food supplements, drinks… There’s something for everyone. But for Nathalie Dendura, the best thing is to take a cure of collagen by mouth which acts directly at the heart of the problem, that is, in the body. In particular, she recommends the one from Absolute Collagen, which is infused with vitamin C, an essential active ingredient for a healthy glow and stimulate collagen synthesis (60€ for a one-month treatment). The facialist confirms that after 3 months of daily use, the difference on the skin is obvious. It is then plumped and redensified. The collagen cure therefore really helps to improve skin tone, skin texture, skin elasticity… all the things that get thinner with age.

Anti-aging: how to boost collagen naturally?

The facialist uses a second method: facial massage. Follower of deep massage and accessories, Nathalie Dendura works on the muscles of the face to smooth out wrinkles, keep the skin firm… Her little secret is to make small pinches on her skin in the morning to wake up her blood circulation. In the evening, after a double facial cleansing, she performs a deeper massage with her fingers, always starting from the inside out. Sometimes she prefers facial cupping. This is a technique rooted in traditional Chinese medicine using cupping to promote cell repair, stimulate the skin and muscles, and smooth wrinkles. Be careful, you have to be seasoned to practice it alone at home. The ideal for Nathalie Dendura is to combine the collagen cure with facial massages for a truly stunning result!

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