Case and protective screen: how to take care of your phone without breaking the bank

Case and protective screen: how to take care of your phone without breaking the bank

From November 17 to November 29, take advantage of the most attractive promotions and ever more attractive offers to extend the life of your mobile devices.

It’s time to make the best deals. It’s the time of year when you can finally crack without feeling too guilty for your budget.

For the occasion, RHINOSHIELD has made itself even more accessible by offering discounts on discounts, to the delight (and safety) of your mobile devices and accessories. You can find up to 60% off on the whole site of RHINOSHIELD.


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Protecting your phone is almost vital

Essential accessory to protect your smartphone, the phone case is no longer negligible. And when the time comes to choose, several details come into play: quality, solidity and design. Because yes, mobile phones are so present in our lives that we can consider them as accessories. So therefore, their appearance is important.

Combining these three characteristics to perfection, RHINOSHIELD offers you its Clear Case: a transparent and solid phone case, simple and effective. Adaptable to more than a hundred of smartphones and customizable as possible, the Clear Case has an advantage that other transparent cases do not necessarily have. It does not turn yellow, unlike conventional silicone protectors! The hulls RHINOSHIELD will benefit from a reduction of 15% to 25%.


Customize your Clear Case

You can also go for a telephone cord whose design you will match that of your case, to wear it with style and panache.

The little extra? The Clear Case shell is ” compatible Magsafe », that is to say that it allows the inductive charging from his smartphone. No need to remove your case to charge your phone. Practice !

The perfect weapon against annoying scratches

At the price where you can find smartphones on the market, new or used, it is better to protect them well. In addition to the hulls, it is important to bring a protective screen. Without degrading the touch sensitivity of your device, a protective screen protects against groovesof the shocks and even tasks indelible.

The problem is that it is not always easy to ask oneself a protective screen. Between the little air bubbles that can get stuck between the screen and the protector, and the protector that doesn’t stick straight, it can quickly become a real ordeal.

Fortunately, RHINOSHIELD thought of everything. When you receive your protective screen at home, you will also unpack a attachment frame. It will help you to apply your protection without difficulty, and to align it perfectly on the screen.

Don’t forget your accessories

Even if the most important thing is the “health” of your smartphone, you should not neglect those of the accessories you use daily, such as your listeners or your AppleWatch.

Otherwise, RHINOSHIELD offers protections for these marvels of technology, which are really affordable compared to the prices of the devices they protect.


Protect your AirPods box

It is legitimate to wonder why acquiring an AirPods box protection is important, when the object itself is little handled. Protection will allow you to protect your wireless headphones, yes, but also (and above all) from recognize your box of AirPods among others and not leaving a party with someone else’s headphones (and earwax).

Because having to connect to a new box of AirPods, It’s a thing. But having to put AirPods that usually go in other ears than his, This is another thing.

Collaborations for all tastes

Regardless of the type of product you wish to purchase from RHINOSHIELD, you can opt for protection straight from one of the many official collections available on the site.

Whether you are a fan of Van Goghfrom the series Friends, or Powerpuff Girls (or all three at the same time), RHINOSHIELD thought of you. Complete collaborations with numerous brands are available for all preferences : video games, manga, sport, art, films and series… Enough to make its technological paraphernalia more unique than ever.

RHINOSHIELD x The Powerpuff Girls Collection

Go for it, crackso that your devices do not never crack.

Credits: Ghen Mar Cuaño – Pexels

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