Cyrian Ravet, a precocious talent who wants to last

Cyrian Ravet, a precocious talent who wants to last

“Winning is the number 1 objective. I want to seek the title, it’s really something close to my heart. »

For his discovery of Taekwondo World Championships, Cyrian Ravet has lofty goals. The Frenchman is aiming for the highest step of the podium in the -58 kg category.

If the 20-year-old taekwondo player has his way, he can mark the history of the taekwondo French men’s: never has a Habs been world champion in -58 kg. Before him, the only Blues who won the planetary crown are Mikael Meloul (in 1993) and Mamedy Doucara (in 2001).

In view of his impressive season and his fifth position in the world rankings, Cyrian Ravet can legitimately hope to join them in the pantheon of French taekwondo.

He won his third European title in the spring and won the Paris Grand Prix in August. This year, the native of Lyon has beaten three of the four medalists of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, in 2021: the Olympic champion Vito Dell’aquila during the European meeting, the finalist Mohamed Khalil Jendoubi and Jang Jun on the road to his success at home.

This hunting table proves how much Cyrian Ravet is a formidable fighter. He is expected for his first World Championships, and he knows it.

“I think I am one of four or five athletes in my category who can aim for the title. I think I’m expected, but I live it well, it gives me confidence. It encourages me to always raise my level to adapt to what is happening and continue to move forward. »

Cyrian Ravet, at the Taekwondo World Championships with Paris 2024 in the sights

All male categories combined, Cyrian Ravet is the youngest taekwondo player ranked in the top 5 in the world. This status reminds him that he still has a lot to prove and to get there, he always wants to “learn and seek perfection”.

Determined to achieve great things in his sport from his beginnings at 8 years old, his next major objective is clearly identified: the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

At home, he could become the first French Olympic taekwondo champion.

In this quest, a result at the World Championships on November 20 in Guadalajara, Mexico could place the taekwondo player from Asnières in an ideal position: by earning important points for the world rankings, but also to affirm his status.

“The world title is something that makes you dream. This is the goal now and then it will be the Olympic Games. We really try to do everything to get this gold medal. On the road to the Olympic Games, these World Championships could confirm my place. »

Cyrian Ravet may look discreet, but he assumes very high goals. The Frenchman doesn’t just want to be the sensation of a season. In this category known to be uncertain, where five different world champions have been crowned in the last five editions, the native of Lyon wants to break the dynamic in the race.

“My real goal is to last over time. I want to win in the long run because people usually don’t. »

Cyrian Ravet uses video games to progress in taekwondo

Despite his young age, he already has the necessary maturity to understand what he needs to fulfill this objective. He wants to take care of his body, train seriously, but also be professional off the mat.

It is also outside the sports field that he hones his skills in taekwondo: in video games, which he practices in competition for some.

“It allows me to stay focused on what I’m doing, not to spread myself too thin. Video games also help me work on my reaction times. »

This skill allows him to optimize his particular style: on the mat, they assume his sometimes “sleepy” look before unleashing blows that make the difference.

“For the moment, it seems to me to be more of an asset than a fault,” explains the man who has already beaten the entire world top 6 in the -58 kg category.

He was able to reveal himself in particular thanks to this way of fighting. He will now try to confirm the World Championships this week.

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