Hair loss in women: what are the causes and when to worry? A dermatologist responds

Hair loss in women: what are the causes and when to worry?  A dermatologist responds

At certain times in your life, you may experience significant hair loss. Do you know why ? Valérie Mengeaud, medical director of Ducray dermatological laboratories, details the different causes of this widespread phenomenon.

Losing your hair is nothing out of the ordinary. As Valérie Mengeaud, medical director of Ducray dermatological laboratories, points out, there is not one hair loss but several types of hair loss, with different causes.” In order to better understand what this massive hair loss is due to, the expert lists the various possibilities. Perhaps one of them will speak to you. As for the question: when should I worry about my hair loss? Valérie Mengeaud answers it. You will be all about this common phenomenon!

What can cause hair loss?

Valérie Mengeaud mentions occasional hair loss, which is reversible hair loss, that is to say that treatment is possible.

1. Seasonal hair loss. Like the leaves of trees that fall in autumn, hair can suffer a temporary fall with seasonal changes, especially at the onset of spring and autumn.

2. hair loss due to stress and tired. Faced with an emotional shock, intense stress or anxiety, the body responds in different ways. Hair loss can be triggered by one of them.

3. Hair loss linked to a nutritional deficiency. When the body, and in this case the scalp, lacks vitamins and minerals, the hair is weakened and can more easily fall out. It is the body that rings the alarm bell: it has need a healthy and balanced diet, rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals such as iron and zinc.

4. Postpartum hair loss. Hormones play a role in the lifespan of hair. Thus, it is common to observe an improvement in hair quality and growth during pregnancy. In question ? Rising estrogen levels. But once the pregnancy is over, the drop in estrogen can trigger a change of the hair cycle and lead to hair loss. This is called “postpartum” hair loss.

5. Hair loss related to medical treatment. Certain heavy medical treatments against cancer in particular, such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy, often cause quite impressive hair loss. This fall is temporary, the hair grows back at the end of the treatment, except in certain exceptional cases.

When to worry about hair loss in women?

The expert affirms that the proportion of women affected by hair loss is largely in the majority compared to men. Regardless of age, as soon as there is a harmful factor for health, it can lead to hair loss: high fever, hemorrhage, surgery, deep stress, imbalance of thyroid hormones or a hypocaloric diet, iron deficiency, taking certain medications… In order to put an end to it, it is important to identify and remove the factor. The delay is about 6 months to observe a beginning of regrowth and the initial return can take between 12 and 18 months. Be careful, in the event of a major fall that lasts more than 6 months, consult a dermatologist, a specialist in the skin and scalp. He will know how to make the right diagnosis and therefore guide you as best as possible on the right steps to follow in terms of treatment and care, says Valérie Mengeaud.

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