How to use vegetable powders on the hair?

Poudres végétales

Do you know Ayurvedic powders? You can discover them in this article: Vegetable powders for the hair. These are usually obtained by powdering the leaves or roots of plants specially selected for their rich composition. Their multiple properties make them healthy alternatives to take care of your hair. You can use them in multiple ways. Here are a few.

Conditioner to pamper hair

To compose vegetable powders as a conditioner, they will be transformed into a paste by mixing them with other products:

  • Vegetable oils: for deep nutrition and better results;
  • Warm water: to benefit only from the virtues of the powders by providing hydration to the hair.
Vegetable powders
Vegetable powders can be made into a paste to apply to the hair

Apply the paste to washed and still wet hair. Leave for the necessary time, in particular about thirty minutes, before rinsing. Do not hesitate to combine the exposure time with a light massage for the expected results.

Note that it is important to test a little paste on the bend of the elbow to detect a possible allergy.

Shampoo for gentle cleansing

It is a question of making a vegetable shampoo based on Ayurvedic powders. Several recipes exist to make a solid shampoo. However, it is still possible to mix them only with lukewarm water to make a good cleanser.

To do this, moisten one or more powders before distributing the paste on the scalp and the lengths. Massage a little for better absorption of the active ingredients before rinsing. However, it is also possible to sprinkle the head directly with the substances in order to make a dry shampoo.

It is preferable to combine Ayurvedic substances with a more neutral powder, in particular rice powder or clay. This is to achieve an easy-to-handle dough texture.

Hair care oil

Ayurvedic powders combine well with vegetable oils (coconut, castor or even sesame). Mix one or more with the powders adapted to your hair, in a container. Transfer the solution to a jar. Let stand for at least 24 hours. The objective is in fact to make an oily macerate.

Strain the mixture into another jar before using. It is best to apply it on dirty hair and leave for about 30 minutes as an oil bath. Follow this step with a gentle scalp massage. Cover your head with a hat to protect clothing. Then proceed to shampoo.

Rinse lotion

Make an infusion of vegetable powders before pouring the solution into a bottle. Don’t forget to filter the mixture for a 100% liquid result. Use it as a rinsing lotion. In other words, rinse the hair with this product after each shampoo.

It is preferable to make them systematically before each use. The lotion will keep for three to four days in the refrigerator. Molds may form on the solution beyond this time. It is recommended to add a preservative, in particular Cosgard to prolong this duration.

Be careful not to put the eyes in contact with the powders to avoid irritation. Rinse them thoroughly with clean water if this happens accidentally.

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