I tested the Jet Peel Infusion

Elodie Mandel

Looking for softer, more luminous and hydrated skin, I tested the jet peel, a high-tech, injection-free facial treatment for more comfortable skin after 40.

Smooth, plump, have a glowing complexion as if we were coming back from a weekend at the sea, we all dream of it. After 40, you may have started noticing some changes to your skin : a less drawn oval, circles that widen or bags that accentuate, a less luminous complexion, a crumpled effect that leaves us feeling upset in the morning. Between the facial treatment in an institute, an appointment with a facialist and the cosmetic surgeryfocus on the jet peel, the treatment zero pain (and without injection) which propels air and assets.

After 40 years, our skin loses its elasticity and volume. In question a production of collagen and elastin which tends to decrease. Drier, less comfortable, your skin has special needs. This is also the period when wrinkles deepen, especially expression lines on the forehead, the famous frown lines, and naso-genius folds near the nose. The consequence, a less rebound effect, bad looks.

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More supple and hydrated skin, without injections

Faced with this observation, a panoply of solutions exist: face care which bring comfort to skin lacking in hydration, and which contain some of the anti-aging active ingredients (retinol, hyaluronic acid, bakuchiol, etc.), institute treatments, type massages kobido with a facialist… and the scalpel box : botox, hyaluronic acid, in recent years aesthetic medicine has become more democratic. But if you are not tempted by the injection box, there are other methods, starting with the jet peel.

I pushed open the door small med spa, at Axelle Francine, an institute focused on well-being and self-care to discover the Jep infusion

100% natural, this technology propels air at high speed, in the form of a jet. Without pain, without injection, the promise is attractive. In very fine droplets, the various treatments are propelled at high speed through the epidermis. The jet begins by making a lymphatic drainage then an exfoliation of the skin. After this first stage of preparation of the skin, comes an iinfusion of hyaluronic acid, peptides and vitamins penetrates deep to reveal skin to its fullest potential.

It’s for me if, I want?

  • Plumped skin, less visible hollows
  • Softer, hydrated skin
  • Reduction of wrinkles
  • Rested features and reduced dark circles and puffiness

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How is a session going?

From the reception, everything is put in place to put me at ease: The place is very cozy, pleasant. The decor in powdery tones encourages relaxation and well-being. We are far from the cold atmosphere of a doctor’s surgery, the Small Med Spa looks more like the hushed treatment room of a grand hotel. Axelle carries out ultra-personalized diagnoses, by appointment.

The session begins with a make-up removal. The practitioner asks me a few questions about my daily routine, how my skin feels, what my needs are. She warns me that the treatment is not painful, that the spray is a bit like a breath of air, a bit cold. Thanks to the electric blanket, it’s nice. During this drainage, the practitioner performs movements that relax and activate microcirculation.

After this step, place the peeling. My skin being sensitive, there is no question of being abrasive and weakening the skin. The protocol is personalized according to the needs of each one.
Then comes the step of infusing the active ingredients, the heart of the treatment. Products are infused through the jet: ultra-concentrated active ingredients that penetrate through the epidermis.
The practitioner insists on the contour of the eyes, the forehead, the oval of the face.

At the end of this treatment, it is possible to combine it with boosters: anti-aging or anti-imperfections according to each person’s needs.

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The results of the consultation

My feedback: A pleasant treatment, more effective than a facial treatment in an institute. I feel my skin plump. In the evening, no need to apply care, a simple mist for the face is enough. I’m not red at all!
The practitioner recommends that, for my skin, I do a session regularly, every month both to prevent wrinkles and to moisturize my skin.

Axelle Francine’s beauty advice
Banish micellar water, which irritates the skin and dries it out. She also recommends that I adapt my routine with a moisturizing serum to boost the effectiveness of my day cream.

How much does it cost :
The session is at 175 euros, the Booster at 75 euros

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