Paris-ci, par-là – Beauty(s) to sell

Paris-ci, par-là – Beauty(s) to sell

See you in the 4e district, to discover Ambroise Célestin, the new house of collectors imagined by Amélie du Chalard.

By Anne-Laure Fish

The apartment is a duplex of 170 m2.
The apartment is a duplex of 170 m2.

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VS’is to a surprising meeting that the gallerist of a new kind Amélie du Chalard invites us to, quai des Célestins in the 4e district of Paris. We push the door of the Nicolaï mansion, to discover the latest of Ambroise, concept of houses for collectors to rent, after a first address in Saint-Germain and a second in the Marais.

“I wanted to rethink the experience of art, to put art in life and life in art”, details Amélie du Chalard. A vision that can be found in his gallery, designed as an apartment and with the ambition to decomplex the relationship with contemporary art.

“Like an esthete who has taken a trip”

In May 2019, the gallery owner therefore launched her concept of collectors’ houses where you can rent, for one or more nights, a high-quality apartment decorated with works of art carefully chosen by her. And if one of the objects or one of the works of art seduces, no problem: everything is for sale. “I did an artistic curation with both very established artists and younger ones. So that it’s like an esthete who has taken a trip,” explains the enthusiast.

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For the apartment on the Quai des Célestins, Amélie du Chalard teamed up with Tess Walraven, who designed the architecture of this duplex while preserving the historic imprint of the 17th century mansion.e century to which it belongs. We enter a space of 170 m2. “It was a concrete plateau when we arrived,” says the curator. It could have been completely different, but it’s the place that comes to create the thing. » What is immediately striking is the space and the height under the ceiling (5.2 m), underlined by superb restored shutters « painted by hand to reproduce the design of the wood », and a slab parquet floor of Versailles.

Works of art and antiques

Charlotte Bovy, Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert, Juliette Lemontey, Pius Fox, Claudia Valsells, Georges Rousse… wherever the eye lands, it stops on a work of art or a detail found by Amélie du Chalard (don’t miss the pieces of Parisian gutters in the kitchen, the bronze handles, the blue stone sink or the 17th century doore century). But the functional is not forgotten, it remains an apartment with all the amenities that go with it – “the idea is that a couple can come with their children”, adds Amélie du Chalard -, in the image creations by Lena Morelli who notably composes weavings on old church chairs.

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“It’s the same price as a suite at the Crillon, but with a different atmosphere,” laughs the gallery owner who is teeming with projects and desires for new houses, especially outside Paris. It’s not the same luxury. He has not been forgotten, however, since it is possible to call on five chefs, and as many different cuisines, such as Céline Pham, who bridges the culinary gap between Vietnam and France. A cultural concierge also allows collectors for a (stay) day to complete their visit to Paris under the sign of beauty. One of the apartments would even have housed a marriage proposal. Enough to give ideas to its ephemeral occupants…

Ambroise Celestin, 4, Quai des Celestins, Paris 4efrom €1,600 per night.

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