PHOTOS – Venetian red hair: who does it suit? How to maintain it?

PHOTOS – Venetian red hair: who does it suit?  How to maintain it?

Do you dream of wearing Audrey Fleurot’s flamboyant red? Venetian red is the fashionable color for this fall-winter! But who can wear it? What are the precautions to take for a successful roux? Browse this article for valuable tips.

Since last September, fashion has been red and our stars are succumbing to it. This is the case for example of the young Chloé Jouannet, naturally blonde, who opted for a pretty Venetian red. This is the name given to a redhead that has shades of blond… a key color for this fall-winter that particularly suits Alexandra Lamy’s daughter since it highlights her fair complexion and green eyes.

So, is Venetian roux for you? The red color comes in several shades: auburn red, mahogany red, honey red, copper red, red red… so there is something for every style! Before helping you choose your roux, we give you tips for successful coloring.

Red color: what precautions?

To obtain a nice red, you must bleach beforehand to remove the dark pigments and allow the new color to stand out. It is a delicate operation that can damage the hair fiber if it is not carried out correctly. If you don’t have any special skills in this area and want to avoid the hair disaster, it is therefore recommended to go to a professional. Also note that once the hair is bleached and then recolored, it is not recommended to re-color too quickly. So think carefully before you start. You should know that red is a bold color that does not go unnoticed and that does not go with all wardrobes. It is also said that redhead tends to bring out small redness and blemishes on the face, so you have to take the trouble to even out your skin tone before going out. In short, switching to Venetian roux is a choice you have to be ready to make!

Who is the Venetian roux good for?

Venetian red is a red that is close to blond with its golden reflections. It is particularly suitable for people with fair skin and eyes. If you have naturally blonde hair, blue or green eyes and freckles, this shade will look great on you. It will bring out your features and your look. You can also bet on light red, a very similar shade, but whose reflections are more orange than golden.

If, on the other hand, you have a darker complexion and brown eyes, like Zendaya for example, opt for a copper or auburn red, the warmth of this color will have an immediate healthy glow effect. Broux, which – as the name suggests – is a mixture of russet and brown, can also be a good option for a smooth transition from brown to russet.

Finally, if you have black skin, it’s red red that will put you in value! If you’re not ready to take the leap of full red, you can start by achieving beautiful copper highlights in your hair. You will bring a little light without taking too many risks.

How to maintain a Venetian roux?

Good news, with red, the regrowth is quite pretty since it blends easily with the original color of the hair. We recommend going back to the hairdresser only every two or three months. While waiting for the touch-up, it is strongly recommended to use a special shampoo for colored hair. Additionally make a nourishing mask once a week is beneficial. Indeed, discoloration and then coloring tend to weaken the hair fiber. It is therefore important to take care of your colored hair so that it stays soft and shiny and the color lasts longer. Similarly, limit the use of heated appliances as much as possible (hair dryer, straightener, curler, etc.), as they risk damaging your hair, which has already been sensitized by your recent red hair color.

Photo credits: Jeremy Melloul / Bestimage

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