Popular cosmetic products to face winter


Each beauty ritual is unique. A moment of pleasure, relaxation and well-being, taking care of yourself on a daily basis is essential for reconnecting with your body, your senses and your emotions.

Winter is a key time when the beauty ritual takes on a whole new dimension: it becomes comfort.

In the company of MyOrigines, we are going to present our must-haves to face the winter between softness and smoothness. And to spoil nothing, on the occasion of Black Friday, MyOrigines offers you a selection of the most beautiful beauty brands – perfume, skincare, make-up, hair – at irresistible prices.

A perfume for winter

A true jewel of the soul, a scent sublimates each person. On the occasion of Black Friday, MyOrigines offers a selection of fragrances at reduced prices from November 14th until November 28th and allows you to buy your cheap perfume.

Unlike the fruity and light scents of summer, when winter arrives, choose a bolder and more intense scent. Thanks to promotions of up to -70% and flash sales (3 flash offers every day on around thirty brands), you will be able to acquire your new Black Friday Perfume for a resolutely attractive price!

A word of advice: it’s time to think about your Christmas gifts!

The number 1 ally of winter: hand cream

When the cold weather hits, the hands are the first to be affected: irritated, dry, prone to redness, the use of a hand cream is essential.

For their comforting smells and textures, we personally have a soft spot for the Cica honey dream cream from Nuxe, but also for the Vinotherapist Hands and Nails repair cream from Caudalie.

For its part, the Molton Brown brand offers liquid soaps and hand lotions for a double repair.

Very soft lips even in winter!

Every year, it’s the same thing. With the return of winter, cracks appear. We advise you to take great care of it with a two-step ritual. First apply a lip scrub to remove all dead skin, then apply your favorite lip balm! Fall for the NCLA Beauty set, consisting of a scrub and a balm, for sublime lips all winter long.

Face and body hydration

During the winter period, the face loses its radiance. Dull and tired complexion, the formulas must adapt to the needs of your skin. Opt for a vitamin C radiance serum and a rich, revitalizing cream.

We have a crush on the radiance serum with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid from the French brand Sourcier. Its formula illuminates the complexion, strengthens the skin barrier and intensely hydrates the skin.

For its part, Polaar’s Polar Night revitalizing cream with boreal algae is a treatment rich in restorative active ingredients. While you sleep, boreal algae take care of your face for radiant, plump and toned skin in the morning!

For the body, comforting textures and scents are essential to wrap you in softness. Start with an exfoliating shea and green chestnut compote from L’Occitane. The skin is instantly perfumed with a soft and delicate scent of chestnut, mixed with the fresh notes of green leaves, a true immersion in the heart of the forest. For intense and restorative hydration, we recommend Weleda’s iconic Skin Food face and body treatment.

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