Vegetable powders for hair: we love it!

Les poudres végétales pour cheveux

Ayurvedic powders are all the rage these days. Derived from Indian plants, they are generally used in the treatment of illnesses and to promote well-being. They also play an important role in hair care. They beautify, cleanse, sheath, boost the volume or even activate the growth of the hair. However, each has its own properties distinguishing it from another. Discover the best Ayurvedic powders of the moment to have beautiful hair.

Shikakai powder

Shikakai powder accelerates hair growth and fights hair loss. In addition to its properties, it brings strength, vitality, radiance and shine to hair that is dull and weakened by external aggressions or even chemical treatments.

Vegetable powders for hair (2)
Vegetable powders are vegetable are beneficial for the hair

This vegetable substance is a good detangler. It is known, among other things, for its cleaning power. It gently cleanses the hair and the scalp by ridding them of residues left by hair products. It is therefore a suitable alternative for successful clarification.

Amla powder

Amla powder also promotes hair growth like its Shikakai counterpart thanks to its regenerating property. It beautifies the hair and gives it strength and vitality. Its use is therefore suitable in the treatment of falls. It modifies the structure of dull and fine hair fibers so that they become denser and more radiant.

The antioxidant capacity of this vegetable solution prevents and delays the appearance of white hair. Apart from these benefits, it is also used in the production of vegetable dye. It makes it possible to find a darker result by combining it with coloring powders.

Brahmi powder

Brahmi powder is generally used to thicken hair. These become more numerous and also more resistant from the root to the lengths. Regular use of this vegetable product promotes hair growth and reduces hair loss.

This Ayurvedic powder eliminates dandruff and cleanses scalps that are victims of abnormal sebum production. The itching is thus reduced while the capillary system becomes less greasy. Apart from these treatments, it brings suppleness and softness for a pleasant touch.

Reetha powder

This Ayurvedic powder is renowned for its ability to fight dandruff. It soothes irritated scalps and simultaneously purifies them. It adapts with oily and dry hair although the former are the most likely to find an expected result. In addition, it mixes perfectly with other substances if necessary.

Reetha powder brings shine and softness to dull and coarse hair. It also has a cleaning power making its use essential to effectively remove cosmetic residues.

Ghassoul powder

Ghassoul powder is essential in the treatment and care of oily hair thanks to its purifying property. It reduces the greasy effect at the roots and lengths by regulating the production of sebum. It is recommended to use it as a hair mask to find good results.

This Ayurvedic powder has excellent cleansing power making it essential during shampoos. It is able to absorb impurities, dirt or product residues that clog the scales of the cuticles. It is also an ally for fine hair that lacks volume by giving it a puffy effect.

Vegetable powders for hair (3)
Vegetable powders are used for the treatment and care of hair

Sidr’s Powder

Sidr powder protects vegetable dyes (indigo) and relatively prolongs their life on the hair. This substance is, among other things, characterized by its high rate of saponins making its cleaning efficiency approved. This power makes it a natural shampoo suitable for gentle washing.

This powder purifies the entire hair system, saving it from unpleasant dandruff. It relieves the scalp of irritation or itching by purifying it. In addition, it coats the hair for easy styling.

Fenugreek powder

Fenugreek powder is a must in hair growth. It stimulates their growth for beautiful hair, long and more or less dense. It prevents and slows down its fall in parallel. In addition, it gives it shine and volume.

Fenugreek powder is excellent for treating fine and fragile hair. Regular application strengthens them and allows them to better resist external aggressions or heating devices. This substance is characterized by its high rate of mucilage, important for hydrated hair. However, it is imperative to mix it with hot water to find this result.

Neem powder

This Ayurvedic powder is particularly rich in fatty acids, essential for healing damaged hair. It has a detoxifying power, important for deep cleansing. Its use is required to eliminate cosmetic residues that are difficult to remove in order to better find the effectiveness of a hair product. Besides that, it is a natural alternative to industrial anti-lice products.

Neem powder cleanses the scalp thanks to its purifying property. It is an interesting way to overcome certain conditions including dandruff, dermatitis or psoriasis. In addition, it protects the capillary system from the harmful consequences caused, among other things, by pollution.

Nagarmotha Powder

This Ayurvedic powder is particularly aimed at people with oily hair. It regulates sebum production by acting directly on the roots. This is how the scalp and the lengths are spared the excess fat responsible for the sticky appearance.

The antioxidant power of Nagarmotha powder prevents and delays the formation of white hair. This plant substance purifies the scalp to soothe any itching. In addition to these properties, this product leaves a sweet woody smell on the hair after its application.

Kachur Sughandi Powder

Kachur Sughandi powder is a very virtuous natural solution. It beautifies the hair by giving it shine. It stimulates their growth and slows down their fall. This natural solution is suitable for finding dense and relatively voluminous hair. It heals fragile and damaged hair fibers by strengthening them from their core.

Kachur Sughandi powder is an Ayurvedic product suitable for light hair. They are not likely to darken them or change their natural tint. A single application is enough to leave a spicy-sweet scent on the hair thanks to its pleasant smell.

Vegetable powders for hair (4)
Vegetable powders are natural products

Orange powder

People with coarse, hard-to-manage hair opt for Orange powder thanks to its detangling properties. It gives them suppleness and softness for easy handling. At the same time, this vegetable product takes care of fragile or damaged hair by fortifying it. Its sweet and pleasant smell is one of its main assets.

Orange powder transforms hair that lacks luster into a shiny and more aesthetic material. Its stimulating property acts on the scalp to promote hair growth. It strengthens the roots and lengths for better resistance to handling and external aggressions.

Marshmallow powder

Marshmallow powder is a good hair detangler. Opt for this solution to overcome knots, frizz or even rough areas. It plays an important role in general hair treatment thanks to its ability to coat the hair.

Its active ingredients penetrate the heart of the hair fibers to repair the damage. The nourishing property of this powder is a major ally for overcoming dry and dull textures. This Ayurvedic solution brings shine and volume to fine hair that lacks shine. It mainly combines with other substances for good results. Otherwise, it is also an ally of sensitive and itchy scalps.

Kapoor Kachli powder

This antioxidant-rich powder maintains hair cells to prevent and delay the appearance of white hair. It is an excellent growth activator. The hair gains in length and becomes thick at the same time. It heals hair that is dull and damaged by various treatments, giving it strength and vigour.

Kapoor Kachli powder is appreciated among other things for the pleasant smell it leaves on the hair. Besides that, it tones the scalps so that they are more resistant.

Bhringaraj powder

It is an interesting alternative to fight against white hair. It soothes sensitive, irritated or itchy scalp. It strengthens brittle hair fibers and prevents hair loss. It also stimulates their growth.

Bhringaraj powder improves the look of black hair by darkening it further. In addition, it brings volume. It is generally used with other substances, in particular oils, and fits perfectly into a hair routine.

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