what precautions to take after a session?

Stress, specific pain, health problem…? Acupuncture can help you! This discipline, derived from traditional Chinese medicine, makes it possible to relaunch the circulation of Qi, otherwise energy, by toning it when it is insufficient, or dispersing it in the event of a blockage in order to free yourself. On the practical side, everything is done with very fine needles. Here are some precautions to take after an acupuncture session in order to take full advantage of it. Rest assured: it’s painless!

1) Stay hydrated and eat light

Once the session is over, it is important to stay well hydrated. The water will help with a better circulation of energies, activated during the treatment, but also to drain toxins. Be careful, we are content with water and not tea, coffee, sodas or alcohol… Only herbal teas are authorized.

As for the meal, it will be important to listen to you carefully. Eat if you are hungry and stop when full. Just as we avoid sugary drinks, avoid meals that are too rich, too fatty… The body should not be slowed down by too intense digestion. We turn to light foods such as cooked vegetables, a soup or a good broth.

2) Rest

When you do an acupuncture session, it is better to block a slot on the weekend or at the end of the day to go directly home and rest. Performing an acupuncture session during your lunch break and returning to work is not really recommended. The body must be calm to take the time to register all the information sent during the treatment and to benefit from all the effects.

Once you have gotten rid of your tensions and stress, coming out of your acupuncture session, you may feel like you are floating. A feeling that is not ideal for working and being concentrated. In addition to not being productive, you will prevent the energies from continuing to circulate.

As soon as the treatment is over, we don’t hang around and we go home. Once at home, turn off your television, the radio, your telephone and drink a good herbal tea before lying down to meditate.

3) Do not follow up on other practices

Have you decided that this day will be for you with several treatments? Bad idea…. Acupuncture is enough on its own. It is best not to follow up with chiropractic, osteopathy or even massage. By accumulating too many energy treatments on the same day, your body will have too much information. Instead of feeling good, you will create the opposite effect and that would be a shame… Performing treatments is good, but performing them in isolation is better.

4) Avoid sports

Can’t stop exercising? However, this time you will have to do without it. After an acupuncture session, it is strongly advised not to do any physical activity at the risk of canceling all the benefits of acupuncture. Take advantage of this moment to stay warm at home with a good cocooning evening. You will resume the sport the next day in great shape.

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