Which probiotics to choose? Focus on the Probiolog brand

Quel probiotique choisir pour être en harmonie de l'intérieur ? Focus sur la marque Probiolog

The probiotics live in the human body and are composed of good bacteria as well as yeasts. In fact, a healthy body has a certain balance Between ‘good‘ and ‘badbacteria. Therefore, when we have an infection, the bad bacteria take over and create an imbalance. Simply put, the good bacteria help eliminate excess bad bacteria, which restores theharmony. Probiotics are therefore an excellent way to help your body find a happy medium.

Which brand should we choose?

It is what we give to our body that determines our level of health. Indeed, our well-being is cultivated a little more every day through our feed. Indeed, to keep in shape and sustain our body faced with the discomforts of everyday life, we must take care of the way we eat. Moreover, since 2006, the brand Probiolog® contributes to our well-being by developing food supplements of quality as well as by scrupulously selecting the best active ingredients, probiotics as well as plant extracts and vitamins and minerals.

What are the different roles of probiotics?

In short, the fundamental role of probiotics is to maintain balance in our body. When we are sick, ‘bad’ bacteria multiply within our body. In fact, it creates a imbalance. The good bacteria attack the ‘bad’ ones in order to restore harmony in the body. Therefore, it makes us feel better. Good bacteria help us stay healthy by supporting the immune system. immune defenses as well as controlling inflammation. In addition, certain types of good bacteria can also help the body in the process of digestion food and prevent ‘bad’ bacteria from taking over. Probiotics also participate in the vitamin synthesisthe proper functioning and good health of the wall intestinalto the degradation as well as the absorption of medications. It is by supporting the cells that line the intestinal barrier that probiotics prevent the bad bacteria that we consume in our food from entering the bloodstream. A daily balanced diet rich in fiber as well as taking probiotics several times a week, help maintain the number of good bacteria at a level optimal.

Probiolog Fort: The assurance of a balanced flora

The food supplement Probiolog® FORT is available in 2 formats: A box of 30 capsules and a format that includes three times thirty capsules. In fact, this format is suitable for people who want to follow several programs throughout the year.

Strains with action recognized by science

In fact, it is a combination of microbiotic strains, Bifidobacterium lactis BB-12® and Lactobacillus acidophilus LA-5, naturally present in the intestinal flora. In addition, the capsules do not contain titanium dioxide and their contents are delivered to the small intestine and the colon, where the body needs them most. Finally, the strain BB-12® has been described in approximately 400 scientific publications and supported by over 200 publications representing human population studies. Research has successfully established a link between the BB-12® strain and gastrointestinal and immune well-being. The BB-12® strain has been tested on different population age groups, from premature babies to the elderly, and in many health fields.

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