10 things that make a woman beautiful

10 things that make a woman beautiful

In a society where the image of women is reduced to a certain aspect of the body, it is important to understand that beauty is above all a reflection of the soul. And this beauty is cultivated over time.

“No outward grace is complete unless inner beauty vivifies it. The beauty of the soul spreads like a mysterious light over the beauty of the body”, said Victor Hygo. In the age of selfies, we sometimes come to forget the essential, what cannot be seen, but constitutes our charm: inner beauty. Invisible and captivating, it nevertheless constitutes our personality. If outer beauty inevitably fades, inner beauty does not disappear. Even better, it grows over time. Here are ten character traits that make a woman truly beautiful:



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This joy brings out the inner child that lives in every human being, whether they are 20, 50 or 80 years old. It is the ability to find joy in simple things and measure their true value. It is the power to love and marvel like a child. Express without fear and freely the tenderness and simplicity that spring from our soul!




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“What you want others to do for you, do also for them” (Lk 6:31). “Love one another as I have loved you” (Jn 15:12). It is important to treat people with kindness, to be welcoming, faithful and sincere in friendship. This little light of kindness that will emanate from you will attract others. They will feel comfortable because they will sense that there is room for them in your heart.



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Too often interpreted as a weakness, humility nevertheless exalts beauty and illustrates simplicity. In it we find the foundation of all spiritual life. Because it relates directly to God, humility is the best way to love Him.




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Concern for others is a quality of the heart. Empathy is this attitude of understanding what the other is going through. It is a heart that rejoices in the good that the other lives, that is saddened with those who cry. Empathy makes people open their hearts and trust us.



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Strength and confidence come from integrity. Investing in integrity means not being afraid to show what we are and what we believe in. It is also to avoid cheating, dishonesty or revenge. And if mistakes are made, always try to do what is right.

6Inner Peace



Femininity is delicacy, calm and respect. By acting with respect towards others, we transmit peace through our actions and our words. It reflects the image of a thoughtful and interesting person.




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“Authenticity” comes from the Greek “ authenticos and means true. Being authentic therefore means choosing transparency, honesty and sincerity. It is acting in accordance with one’s “true self”, which includes one’s own thoughts, emotions, needs, values, preferences and beliefs.


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Etymologically, courage comes from “cor”, the heart. It is a virtue in the heart, in the being which comes from strength, but supposes fear, awareness of one’s weakness, a certain lucidity. It is the courage of the true. It is the strength of character, the firmness, which makes it possible to face danger, suffering, setbacks, difficult circumstances by overcoming fear. It is also the ardor put into undertaking a task, for example working with courage. This virtue is worked on and perfected, for our good and that of those around us.

9the joy of living


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“Beyond the words, a look, a smile are enough for everyone to open up to the mystery of the other, to the completely different mystery”, said François Cheng in 2020 in La Grande Librairie on France 5. And it is true that if the eyes, the mouth and the teeth age, the smile and the look do not. And that’s what also makes a woman’s charm.

10the Holy Spirit in the heart

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God made us in his image. He calls us to the best, by our good thoughts and our good deeds. We will only be perfect when our face, our words and our actions reflect the image of God that we have in you. It is therefore up to us to radiate the Spirit who lives and acts in our hearts. It is up to us to develop our interior life in the light of Christ, which will make others want to know us and venture into theirs.

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