Quinque, the Franco-Spanish beauty brand that puts CBD at the heart of cosmetics

Quinque, the Franco-Spanish beauty brand that puts CBD at the heart of cosmetics

After studying pharmacy, Mercedes wants to imagine a range of beauty products with scientifically proven effectiveness for all “pressed” skin that lacks attention and time. Quinque was born. For nearly 5 years, the beauty brand has been developing to sublimate the skin with maximum naturalness. The star ingredient in this quick and easy routine is CBD. As the designer explains, the objective of her cosmetics is not to look younger but rather to aging better. Meeting with an optimist of beautiful skin.

The interview of Mercedes, the creator of the beauty brand Quinque

How do you go from a pharmacy to a beauty brand?

In fact, everything is linked. From the start, I decided to study pharmacy because I wanted to specialize in skin biology and create my own skincare range. From the first year in pharmacy, we study chemistry, the basis of formulation; and, from the second year, we study the botany and biology of the skin. For me, it was just a step to get to where I am today.

How has the world of beauty evolved in recent years in your opinion?

On the consumer side, social networks make us follow brands and desire products even if they are not adapted to our skin type or our needs. And that is very dangerous for the health of our skin. It is therefore very important to trust accounts that have a scientific background that allows us to know the ingredients, active molecules and characteristics of different skin types; and, therefore, their needs. On the professional side, the innovation that we are currently experiencing in terms of raw materials and textures is crazy, it is really very impressive what we have been able to advance in recent years.

Why use CBD in your products?

CBD is a cross-cutting molecule that treats several skin issues at the same time. For example, my skin being hypersensitive, mixed, and often dehydrated, can’t stand anything. When I discovered and started using CBD it cured my skin issues. So I started to study the properties of this isolated molecule, the endocannabinoid system of the skin and the Cannabis sativa plant in order to do “something” with this molecule that could, really, change the skin.

What to say to people who are “afraid” of this ingredient?

For those who are afraid of this ingredient, they can be told that, applied via topical, that is to say on the skin, it never reaches the bloodstream. Anyway, if it could be (I insist, it never reaches the bloodstream), it wouldn’t be a problem. This is a molecule that the WHO has declared to be non-psychotropic and non-addictive. In my opinion, CBD is the new hyaluronic acid of the beauty industry, everyone is talking about it these days. And, in a few years, it will be a basic ingredient of any beauty routine.

Boosting the naturalness of products in 2022, is that obvious?

For me, yes. Naturalness, but also efficiency. One of QUINQUE’s goals is to demonstrate that natural cosmetics can be as effective and rich in active molecules as conventional ones. With us, we choose molecules of natural origin very carefully to boost the naturalness and effectiveness of our products.

How many steps should a skincare routine have in your opinion?

Every skincare routine should be different. We must listen to our skin and adapt our routine to its needs every day. But, to keep it simple: cleanse, moisturize, protect in the morning. Cleansing, specific treatment and hydration in the evening.

CBD Cleansing Jelly, Quinque

Why add the “urban” dimension to your cosmetics?

Today, all skin types are overexposed to digital pollution and, in one way or another, to urban pollution as well. These phenomena have harmful consequences for the quality of the skin, but also for its health. So it was obvious to me that you have to protect yourself and fight against its effects.

What do you think would be the perfect beauty product to create?

Rather, I will say that there is a perfect beauty product for every skin type. But, all modesty aside, I think I’ve already created a perfect product: Quinque Skincare’s Cleansing Jelly, a product that adapts to all skin types, even the most sensitive. It provides double cleansing in a single step, while protecting the skin’s natural barrier.

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