Regenerate your skin with expert cellular care

Regenerate your skin with expert cellular care


Maison Lutétia: Regenerate your skin with expert cellular care

With its Cellular expert care, Maison Lutétia helps your skin to face the low temperatures of winter for a perfect face.

La Maison Lutétia, an exclusive French-style aesthetic medicine center, offers a wide range of treatments and sessions to help you face the approaching winter with numerous targeted treatments that will allow you to display perfect skin.

Carbon Laser treatment, Expert Cellular treatment, Collagen Booster treatment or even the House’s Signature treatment, LUXE invites you to discover the expert Cellular treatment provided by Maison Lutétia, which will give your skin a new youthfulness.

Cellular expert treatment: replenishes, exfoliates, hydrates and boosts collagen production

Objectives: Freshly cleansed skin / A radiant glow and faded spots / Eliminated imperfections / Smoothed fine lines and a clear firming of the skin / The epidermis is subtly plumped

This session, lasting 1h15, allows you to breathe in the oxygen your skin needs to breathe again. In five steps, this exclusive treatment is a breath of fresh air for you and your skin.

Step 1: The exfoliated skin is reborn and filled with active ingredients thanks to aquabrasion

The expert practitioner begins the treatment with aquabrasion, a cool suction that removes impurities while deeply hydrating the skin. A first exfoliating dose of lactic acid will be applied to rid your complexion of dead cells. A solution of salicylic acid is then placed on the T zone to refine the skin texture and make imperfections disappear. Finally, the practitioner applies a few toning drops of purslane extract to enhance your radiance.

Step 2: CO2 bubbles deliver a shot of oxygen to the epidermis

The treatment continues with the application of a refreshing radiance mask (or rejuvenator), depending on the patient’s needs: for this, the practitioner triggers the production of a myriad of CO2 bubbles on the surface of the skin. skin, which will penetrate deeply thanks to a vibratory massage. The blood flow caused allows the cells to supply themselves with oxygen and nutrients necessary for their proper functioning, thus purifying the skin which comes back to life.

Step 3: Radio-frequencies dive into the skin and relaunch a flow of collagen

Thanks to radio frequency technology, you will be able to regenerate your collagen. These radio frequencies are ideal for stimulating cells by gently increasing skin temperature. Using a unique handpiece, the expert heats the natural collagen up to 41 degrees, at the level of the nasolabial fold, frown lines and crow’s feet, to densify the dermis and rejuvenate the face. To the rhythm of these targeted heat waves, your skin regains dynamism and elasticity.

Step 4: Ultrasound boosts the moisturizing effect of hyaluronic acid

Fluid hyaluronic acid is then applied to the face in smoothing movements, so that the molecule gently hydrates and plumps up your skin. The expert nourishes the epidermis thanks to ultrasound, which boosts the absorption of active ingredients and improves the functioning of cellular metabolism.

Step 5: LED lights stimulate and re-energize the skin

For this last step, an LED light with energizing properties is positioned for a few minutes near the face. The light waves thus penetrate the heart of the epidermis in order to reactivate the functioning of the cells and sublimate the natural radiance of the complexion. Your invigorated skin displays a pretty rosy glow, as if awakened by an invigorating gust of wind.

After the session, avoid make-up until the next morning and remember to apply a layer of sun protection to preserve the radiance of your skin, as well as a repairing cream rich in antioxidants. You can repeat the treatment at intervals of two weeks. Find out more on the site

Photo credits: ©Maison Lutetia

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