what routine in cold weather?

Curly and frizzy hair is unfortunately very fragile. Thus, it is important to make a point of pampering them to avoid falling, breakage and dryness. To brave the winter cold, here is the hair routine to follow.

Do you know the renowned American hairdresser, Andre Walker? The latter has established a panel to recognize his hair type ranging from 1A to 4B (either straight, wavy, curly or frizzy hair). Type 3 and 4 hair – corresponding to curly and frizzy hair – requires very specific care. Indeed, they require more attention and nutrition than Caucasian hair. When the winter cold hits, it is therefore imperative to redouble our efforts to keep them in good health. Before, during and after the shampoo, following the following steps is decisive.

Before the shampoo

If you have just removed braids, glued pigtails or a weave among other protective hairstyles, you will benefit from going through the oil bath stage. If you wear your natural hair, don’t hesitate to call on him if your hair is dry or your scalp has dandruff.

Know that the choice of a hair oil is not hazardous: all oils are not ideal for all. So take care to try several to target the one that does the most good for your hair and your problems: it can be castor oil, avocado, sweet almond…

Using a spray, spread the oil on your scalp and/or your hair according to your needs. Then use cellophane paper or a cap to enclose your hair and let the benefits of the oil work more effectively. Leave on for at least three quarters of an hour (a period of one night or one day may also be suitable if the condition of your hair is suitable).

During the shampoo

Since you’ve pampered your hair with an oil bath, be careful when going to the shampoo step. Opt for a mild, natural shampoo that’s free of sulfates to avoid “stripping” your hair right after feeding it. They will then be washed without being dried. Of course, biases can vary. If your hair is saturated with various and varied products (wax, gel, lacquers, creams…), it is not possible for them to breathe! To get rid of this buildup, use a natural clarifying shampoo instead, which will gently “strip” your hair for a welcome reset.

In either case, do not forget to go through the box conditioner. Bet on a natural product intended to ensure detangling. Leaving it on for the time indicated, comb the ends of your locks to get rid of knots before styling. Then, rinse the care.

After the shampoo

Once your hair is washed and detangled, it’s time to make a mask. On your still partially damp hair, apply the treatment (homemade or preferably chosen organic). The choice of mask should also be governed by the texture of your hair and your personal needs. Ingredients can include avocado, egg yolks or shea butter depending on the DIY recipes or market ranges. Leave the mask on under cellophane paper or under a heated helmet easily accessible for sale.

Rinse off the mask and admire the beautiful supple and soft texture of your hair. Finally, use a leave-in (care without rinsing) in the form of a cream or a spray. Ultimately, style your hair as you wish – now pampered and prepared for the cold – until your next treatment session. Yes, the maintenance of curly and frizzy hair requires repeated pampering slots!

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