What are the different forms of hair loss?

différentes formes de chute de cheveux

Hair loss or alopecia comes in different forms. Some forms are more common, and others occur very rarely. Discover the different types of alopecia, their symptoms and the appropriate treatments.

Hair loss : Androgenic alopecia

On average, a person loses 100 hairs a day. It is a normal phenomenon. But beyond this figure, experts consider that the person suffers from a pathology. it is androgenic alopecia if the hair becomes thin and fragile. This symptom is then accompanied by a gradual loss of capillary mass, particularly on the upper part of the skull and at the level of the gulfs. This pathology affects both men and women. The great sensitivity to testosterone is the main cause of this disease.

Diffuse alopecia

Diffuse alopecia is another form of hair loss that affects all of the hair. This pathology mainly affects women. However, it can also affect men. It is a homogeneous alopecia which manifests itself over the whole of the skull. The causes of diffuse alopecia are multiple citing only drug treatments, childbirth, chronic stress, chemotherapy and endocrine diseases.

Hair loss : Circumscribed alopecia

Circumscribed alopecia or alopecia areata is a form of hair loss that concentrates on one part of the skull. This disease can however affect all the hair in the most severe cases. In most cases, circumscribed alopecia manifests itself suddenly in the form of massive hair loss in patches. This can affect both men and women. Severe stress is believed to be the main cause of this form of alopecia. Indeed, stress can lead to inflammation of the hair follicles. Besides the hair, circumscribed alopecia can also extend to other parts of the body such as eyelashes and beard.

Traction alopecia

It is a fairly common form of hair loss that particularly affects men and women who have frizzy or mixed hair. People who regularly do tight weaves or braids can also suffer from it. This form of alopecia affects the areas located at the edge of the face. It should be noted that the roots in this area are more fragile and need special care.

Hair loss : congenital alopecia

It is a very rare form of hair loss. Congenital alopecia results from an anomaly in the constitution of the hair follicle. This often results from an auto-immune reaction leading to total destruction of the hair root. This prevents hair from growing.

If you notice rapid, abnormal and unexplained hair loss, we advise you to consult a doctor to find out the cause and receive appropriate treatment. It is true that alopecia is rarely dangerous. However, it can cause aesthetic discomfort. Depending on the origin of the problem, the doctor will prescribe a suitable treatment to solve the problem.

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