3 tips for taking care of your child’s skin

3 tips for taking care of your child's skin

Moisturize children’s skin

As with adult skin, children’s skin needs to maintain its level of hydration in order to fight against external aggressions.

If Dr. Frédérique Pitois recommends “daily hydration”, it seems important to look carefully at the list of ingredients and other recommendations on the packaging, in order to take the best care of the child’s skin.

For example, a cream free of perfume or chemical agents (such as phenoxyethanol or sulphate derivatives) could be a good starting point. And Dr Frédérique Pitois advises us to “avoid alcohols”, and to “prefer products tested under endocrine mediators, more and more laboratories are paying attention to them”.

And if many references are present on the market, does this mean that each child needs a specific type of cream according to their skin type? No, according to Dr. Frédérique Pitois, because “children do not have oily skin, some have drier skin and can progress to eczema”. In this specific case, it is useful to consult a specialist.

How to clean children's skin?

Cleansing, an essential step for children’s skin?

Before moisturizing, a skincare routine often goes hand in hand with the cleansing step. The latter eliminates impurities, toxins and other dead cells present on the face. This is also valid for children, who suffer the same external aggressions as adults. Dr. Frédérique Pitois recommends a “gentle cleansing once a day with a shower oil, which allows hydration”.

The ideal is to select a product free of harmful substances, so that they do not penetrate the skin of the child. The organic label is a significant soul supplement, especially when associated with the guarantee that no chemicals are contained in the cleaning product.

What about solar products?

In summer as in winter, it seems obvious to affirm that anyone walking in the street is exposed to the rays of the sun. Protecting the skin with sunscreen products is a reflex that we often adopt in summer. However, children’s skin is more fragile than that of adults, and may require specific attention with regard to the effects of UV rays. But should sunscreen products be absolute essentials when you want to take the best care of your child’s skin? For Dr Frédérique Pitois, dermatologist, “it is not useful to wear them all year round; only in summer when exposed to the sun”.

If necessary, the dermatologist advises us: “for children, take specific screens which are white”. These are designed to suit the youngest skin, and guarantee optimal protection. In addition, it is always good to check that the protection applies well to UVA and UVB rays, and that the formulation is developed without alcohol or harmful substances.

Which sunscreen product to apply for children?

To go further, oIt could also be specified that reducing exposure as much as possible in the early years of the child seems a good idea for taking care of one’s skin, in the same way as wearing clothes as protection against the rays.

With all this, children’s skin should be best protected, season after season, year after year!


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