8 easy tips to adopt to protect your skin from the cold in winter

8 easy tips to adopt to protect your skin from the cold in winter

While fresh air can have a smoothing effect on your pores, your skin is subject to dry skin. The skin naturally produces less sebum in winter, which allows the cold to touch it directly… Rich hydration helps keep skin luminous and healthy, while protecting it from winter.

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Eating well, the key to beautiful skin

Essential, a balanced diet rich in fresh products allows you to obtain healthy and luminous skin. Winter is the time to switch to fruits and vegetables like carrots, apricots, pumpkin, spinach and cabbage. Of course, herbal teas and green teas are welcome.

Seasonal treatments

Attacked by outside temperatures and dried out, your skin needs products richer in moisturizing agents to protect it. A thick cream can also be combined with moisturizing or soothing serums, to maximize its effect. Attention, in winter, it is also necessary to put the soft pedal on the exfoliations: with a weakened skin, it is necessary to space them of at least 15 days and to make them follow by a regenerating mask.

Stay hydrated to eliminate toxins

The feeling of thirst being less important in winter, we often forget the fundamentals. You have to drink, drink and drink, without forgetting the moisturizing mists to apply before the cream. Water boosts blood circulation, which allows you to warm up naturally, in addition to avoiding cellulite and potential diseases.

Gently remove make-up

Although practical, cotton pads are winter’s worst enemies. Coupled with a micellar water, its passage can quickly be irritating. Prefer a washable and soft disc, with a cleansing milk. Using your fingertips, emulsify the product on your face before applying the make-up remover disc.

Avoid hot water

For the skin as for the hair, hot water dries out and reddens the epidermis, making it more sensitive to external aggressions. Prefer lukewarm water – or cool if you can manage it – to tighten the pores of your face and the scales of your hair, prey to breakage. A quick shower with soap-free cleansing gels is recommended for dry skin.

Watch your skin

To check your natural barrier, cleanse your face without moisturizing afterwards: after an hour, put on a paper towel to see if your skin has produced sebum. If so, the epidermis does not require additional care. On the other hand, if your skin is dry, it will be necessary to increase the moisturizers to protect it from the cold!

Apply your care for the night

It is during our sleep that our skin regenerates the most. Night masks and creams are more concentrated than day creams, to allow your beau to absorb maximum hydration overnight. An important care step that makes all the difference.

The nourishing mask, must-have of the week

Once or twice a week depending on your skin dryness, apply a mask rich in moisturizing active ingredients to deeply nourish, soothe and protect your skin. Do not hesitate to exceed the exposure time indicated on the nourishing masks, except in case of discomfort.

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