Chébé, Chadian beauty secret for healthy hair

Chébé, Chadian beauty secret for healthy hair

sometimes called shebethe chebe from Chad is a natural ingredient suitable for the care of frizzy hair and damaged hair. Focus on this natural ingredient from Africa.

What is Chebé from Chad?

It is inspired by an ancestral African ritual which consists ofapplication of the chebé on the hair. Chebe, the star ingredient of this hair care, comes from seeds of the plant of the same name (also called Zambezi croton) harvested in Chad and reduced to powder. In the chadian ritual, it is customary to leave hair care based on chebe powder as a poultice for 24 to 48 hours. Fortunately, there are less demanding alternatives to give your hair the benefits of the baby.

What are the benefits of chebe?

Ancestral beauty secret, the baby powder is attributed many benefits. The most widespread ? His ability to boost hair growth ! But that’s not all: very hydrating, chebe is also renowned for strengthening and stimulating the regeneration of damaged hair. And besides, its moisturizing properties – by making the hair stronger and less brittle – are no stranger to the baby’s ability to stimulate growth and promote hair growth.

How to use the chebe on the hair?

Want to try? We told you, you don’t necessarily have to have the treatment applied for 24 hours to take advantage of its benefits… even if this option is quite possible if you have time in front of you! In the ‘house’ recipes, the chébé is used in powder form and mixed with the vegetable oil of your choice to obtain a texture similar to that of a ‘classic’ mask. Next ? On damp hair, apply the mixture and leave on for 3 hours before washing. Another option? apply sound mixture based on chébé powder and vegetable oil before each shampoo. To do this, apply to the lengths and ends (dry or wet) and leave on for about 15 minutes before rinsing well. We end up with a ‘classic’ shampoo to eliminate residue.

Who is Chébé for?

This natural treatment repairs in depth, which is why it is especially recommended for dry, fragile, brittle hair and damaged hair of all kinds, in particular by repeated coloring or discoloration. … Chebe is also recommended for frizzy hair that lacks moisture and is fragile. A hair care at chébé will help them regain healthier hair, more defined curls and more shine.

Shopping, where to get shébé powder?

In France, chébé and the Salwa Petersen brand are intimately linked. It is indeed the star ingredient of the eponymous brand founded by Salwa Perterson, herself from Chad and an expert in hair care. To take advantage of the benefits of chebe, we rely on the Salwa Petersen brand, essential for this type of treatment. It markets a hair care cream to be applied to dry hair which promises to“Get and maintain stronger, healthier-looking hair with great length”in a few days.

Chébé du Tchad™ hair care cream for stronger, longer and more beautiful hair. Salwa Petersen. From €29.90.

Another option? Following the trend of beauty products do it yourself and make your tailor-made treatment with chébé powder

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