Hair growth: here are the treatments recommended by the experts and that really work

Hair growth: here are the treatments recommended by the experts and that really work

Rest assured: some of the most effective hair growth products do not require a trip to the dermatologist or trichologist. No need to leave the bathroom to flaunt fuller, longer hair. With the constant evolution of the hair care market, a multitude of options are available to you. The other side of the coin is that we no longer really know what works to meet our expectations.

We called on three experts to select the best products that will meet your needs.

Our Experts

  • Dr. Nazanin Saedi is a Philadelphia-based dermatologist specializing in laser treatments and dermo-cosmetics
  • Helen Reavey is a trichologist, hairstylist, and co-founder of hair care brand Act + Acre.
  • Dan Hodgdon is the founder and CEO of the hair care brand Vegamour.

Let’s start at the beginning, who are the most likely to suffer from hair loss or slow regrowth? We tend to first ask ourselves questions about gender. “Hair loss has always been thought to be a typically male problem, as evidenced by the traditional solutions available on the market”, observes Dan Hodgdon, which is why customers are looking for tailored products that specifically target hair loss in women. “In women, hair loss is very common, more than 80% of women will suffer from an episode during their lifetime and more than 40% of people suffering from alopecia are women”, he adds. .

“Many factors can come into play,” says Helen Reavey listing age, stress, diet, medical conditions, hormonal imbalance or product buildup on the scalp as potential causes. Clearly distinguishing the origin of hair loss is essential because the treatments to be adopted can be very varied. According to the founder of Vegamourdisturbances such as alopecia or telogen effluvium (temporary hair loss following a period of intense stress) must also be taken into account.

Products that promote hair growth?

According Dan Hodgdon, this category includes “products that help maintain and encourage a healthy growth cycle,” most often by stimulating the hair follicle. Our experts say that most products only target a single cause or symptom. They fall into two categories, depending on Dan Hodgdon : topical treatments and oral treatments. These help the growth of healthy hair from the inside, in the words of Helen Reavey.

Why incorporate hair growth products into my routine?

“Having long, thick and healthy hair is everyone’s dream. I practice as a dermatologist and I always tell my patients that to have healthy hair, you need a healthy scalp”, insists Nazanin Saedi. “If you suffer from dandruff, an irritated scalp or psoriasis in this area, this is what you will need to treat first. If these conditions are chronic, see a dermatologist who can tell you how to soothe your scalp.”

The hairdresser and trichologist also points out that your hairstyle choices can play a role in hair loss, especially on certain areas of the scalp. “You may see a more sparse parting or you may be able to discern part of the skull more obviously,” she notes. “Other common indicators include a ponytail that looks less full or more hair remaining on the brush than usual.”

Key ingredients that help stimulate hair growth

Whether you’re looking to prevent hair loss or treat the symptoms of hair loss, the first step will be to see a dermatologist or trichologist to determine the cause and establish a routine. Our dermatology expert recommends taking prostaglandins to promote growth or adding biotin to your diet.


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