How are teeth a real beauty asset?

Comment les dents sont-elles un réel atout beauté ?

A beautiful dentition in particular is essential. Teeth are of great importance and they are also considered a beauty reference.

Find out how teeth are a real aesthetic asset!

A weapon of seduction

Teeth are one of the most apparent physical traits. If many defects can be ignored, the quality of the teeth often does not go unnoticed.

Beautiful teeth are moreover a powerful weapon of seduction. In addition, the quality of the teeth can impact affective relationships.

Many surveys conducted among women and men reveal that this physical trait hinders partners in their romantic relationship.

A person who suffers from overbite, gingivitis or any other dental pathology can thus have a big handicap at the level of his physique.

Poor dentition is one of the dealbreakers (a love killer) the most important. Conversely, bright teeth promote better engagement, especially sexually.

With her, the partners take the time to make kisses. A well-developed dentition also makes it possible to look younger. It amplifies attraction and increases the chances of seducing.

The impact of teeth on daily life

The impact of teeth on daily life

The impact of teeth on daily life

Appearance often occupies an important place in societies.

Men are judged on their looks both personally and professionally.

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In this context, the smile is important. It is therefore important to have a good dental hygiene.

Although looks can deceive, people with bright smiles are generally seen as being more:

  • Intelligent;
  • Productive;
  • Pleasant;
  • Courageous;
  • Confident, etc.

People who have a bright smile generally give off a very good first impression. They positively mark the minds of their interlocutors. the smile and the good teeth thus contribute to a better development.

Additionally, the agency Kelton Research carried out a survey for this purpose. The resulting results reveal that people with good teeth are more likely to be promoted or to have good job offers.

Another impact of a beautiful dentition

Besides the impact of teeth on appearance, this physical trait influences general health. The tooth nerve is made up of different blood vessels and nerve fibers that communicate with all the organs through the blood. A dental infection is therefore likely to spread and affect all parts of the body..

Some organs, such as the heart, are more exposed than others. When a dental infection is associated with other risk factors (diabetes, alcohol, tobacco, etc.), it increases the risk of cardiovascular events.

techniques to have beautiful teeth

techniques to have beautiful teeth

Poor oral health can also infect the eyes through the spread of bacteria responsible for recurrent flare-up of uveitis.

Muscles and transplanted organs are also very exposed to dental infection.

It is very important to have good dental hygiene.

Techniques to have beautiful teeth

Today there are different techniques medical and natural which allow you to have beautiful teeth.

Medical techniques

Scientific progress has made it possible to develop many methods to have perfect teeth. The crown is a technique used to reconstruct a cut dentition. It is very indicated after a neat dental caries.

The crown is obtained from a paste that is put in the mouth and which makes it possible to obtain a dental impression. The latter is then sent to the prosthetist who will make a prosthesis. A crown can be made:

  • In Zicorn;
  • Zicorn covered with ceramic;
  • Made of metal ;
  • Made of ceramic coated metal, etc.

This technique has many advantages. We note in particular a short lead time (maximum 30 min), a high level of precision and a very low margin of error.

You can also opt for the filling. Also called obturation, this technique makes it possible to reconstruct the tooth. Dental implants, veneers, All-on-4 or All-on-6 and dentures are all other solutions for having brilliant teeth.

Some natural tips

Many natural tricks allow you to have beautiful teeth. In particular, one can use green clay which removes all impurities from the mouth. Just make a paste and apply it using a toothbrush.

the baking soda is also highly recommended. It incorporates various mouth care recipes whose effectiveness has been proven. Apply it with a cotton ball soaked in water. However, baking soda should not be used on a regular basis.

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