Val de Vienne: a “sport and disability” week ended in style in Bosmie-l’Aiguille, this Saturday

Val de Vienne : une semaine « sport et handicap » conclue en beauté à Bosmie-l

The Val de Vienne community of municipalities received well-deserved congratulations from the prefecture: this week it implemented a series of actions geared towards disability and in particular integration through sport, with many partners.

Throughout the week, people in wheelchairs went to meet pupils of CE2, CM1 and CM2 in the communes of the Val de Vienne. Which students showed interest and asked lots of questions. An approach that already allows you to perhaps change your own perspective…

This Wednesday, November 16, at the Bosmie-l’Aiguille gymnasium, around a hundred children from the area’s leisure centre, as well as middle school students from Aixe-sur-Vienne, took part in sessions of disabled volleyball and blind football (football with a sound ball for the blind). A scenario allowing to be confronted with the reality of the handicap.

Great day at Bosmie-L’Aiguille

Finally, this Saturday, November 19, still at the Bosmie gymnasium, a great “sport and disability” afternoon concluded this week.

Dr. Cahen, advisor to the regional academic delegation for youth, commitment and sports, first recalled the importance of sports practice for sick people (for example suffering from cancer) and disabled people. “Sport therefore becomes a medicine”, explained the doctor.

Demonstrations of sport for the disabled followed: wheelchair basketball with Limoges ABC, blind football, handball for people with intellectual disabilities with Limoges Handball. The two Limoges clubs have, in fact, a dedicated section.

Finally, the day ended with an interesting conference at three : former professional basketball player Frédéric Weis, father of an autistic child, Jean-Noël Fontan, executive in the medico-social sector and head of the hand section for the mentally challenged at LH, and Franck Reginaud, deputy director of the Bosmie-l’Aiguille living center, former trainer LABC physics and football coach in Aixe-sur-Vienne.

La Tour Blanche, an inclusive hotel in Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche

A conference which made it possible to note that “the view of disability had evolved positively, even if physical disability is more easily assimilated than mental disability”, according to Frédéric Weis.

Sport is of course a tool for social integration for the disabled, underlined Franck Reginaud. “Problem, the clubs are not yet ready to welcome people with disabilities, I saw it with my son,” added the former basketball player.

However, this is not necessarily ill will. “A lot of clubs are asking and say they want to welcome disabled people, but this requires training”, intervened in the room, Lucie Chapeyron, development agent for disabled sports and adapted sport at the CDOS (departmental Olympic and jock).

“The most beautiful memory of my life”

Jean-Noël Fontan, he cited concrete examples of companies ready to finance actions in favor of disabled people. “We have to show up, push their doors, explain to them what we are doing”.

Obviously welcome private aid in a constrained budgetary context, underlined Franck Reginaud, for whom “the means allocated to the world of disability remain insufficient”.

Finally, Frédéric Weis recounted a memory of a basketball camp he had organized in 2019 with able-bodied and disabled young people at the same time: at the end, everyone was delighted, and the able-bodied admitted to having loved this experience. “It’s the most beautiful memory of my life”, launched the former pivot of Limoges CSP. An example to follow.

Lawrence Bonilla


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