Weather Tuesday, November 22. Malnutrition week from November 18 to 25

Weather Tuesday, November 22.  Malnutrition week from November 18 to 25

Malnutrition today affects more than 2 million French, of which 800,000 people elderly. We speak of malnutrition » when he y has a imbalance nutritional : Ie body receives by food insufficiently energy, of proteins and nutrients to function well and cover its needs. He draws then the energy necessary for its functioning in the muscles and the fabric adipose. Gradually, these reserves are depleted, leading to weight loss involuntary, then malnutrition. This undernutrition is a loss of chance healing for these patients: risk ofinfection due to weakening of the immune systemre, risk of falling, mass melting muscle (sarcopenia)rpsychic and relationship development. Elderly people, patients with cancer or diabetes : many are situations at risk of developing malnutrition. With regard to people aged over 65, studies show that undernutrition is an independent predictor of mortality: individuals suffering from undernutrition have a risk of mortality 3.71 times greater than that of well-nourished individuals. According to the SCAN study by Fresenius Kabi, 2 out of 3 patients with metastatic cancer are sarcopenic, all tumor locations combined. Under these conditions, it is essential to detect the risks of undernutrition as early as possible: in the city for patients at home and also in healthcare establishments, nursing homes and when meals are delivered to homes. But also in hospitals, in geriatrics and oncology departments. This prevention makes it possible to limit the risks of hospitalizations and the associated costs for the French healthcare system. Depending on the patient’s needs and whether or not their gastrointestinal tract is functioning, parenteral, enteral or oral nutrition should be implemented. This care is also accompanied by appropriate physical activity, in order to stimulate the appetite and regain muscle.

Undernutrition Week 2022: the opportunity to screen for action with of all stakeholders

Doctors generalists, pharmacists, dieticians, nursesires, healthcare providers to residence, carers social, personal of EHPAD, oncologists … the list of professionals of health faced with undernutrition is long. This is why he is too important that them patients be aware of the challenge of the undernutrition to improve their supported. Between November 18 and 25Ihas 3th Undernutrition Week edition aims to raise awareness among professionalsprofessional like the big one public to the prevention and treatment of undernutrition. She is part of the Plan national nutrition health 20182023 and Minsist health and prevention. The objective: to give patients the essential keys to identify the signs of undernutrition and carry out screening in pharmacies. This vast campaign will be relayed by displays in general medicine practices. In around a hundred pharmacies and certain EHPADs, pharmacy teams will be able to screen for possible malnutrition, provide advice and refer at-risk or malnourished patients to their general practitioner.

On the weather side

Tomorrow, the weather will be cloudy, although the sun may break through from time to time, especially in the morning and evening. In the afternoon, a few rare showers are announced. As for the temperatures, it will be 8 to 9 degrees in the morning, up to 12 during the day and 7 to 8 in the evening.




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