What color nail polish after 60? 3 shades to camouflage the signs of time + home care

what color nail polish for women over 60 nail art fall 2022 rejuvenating manicure home anti-aging care for mature skin

Fighting against the signs of time is a priority for every self-respecting woman. And if you’re 60 or older, your fights are probably already at their peak. Anti-aging treatments for the face and neck are a favorite, needless to mention the coloring of gray and white hair. However, one area of ​​the body remains most often neglected: the hands, which deserve special attention after a certain age. So, what care should you give them to rejuvenate your skin and cheer you up? I give you all the information you need and I also answer a question that has been agitating the Web in recent weeks: What color of varnish after 60 years? Follow me !

what color nail polish for women over 60 nail art fall 2022 rejuvenating manicure home anti-aging care for mature skin

How to have younger hands at 60? 3 tips for a top manicure?

Before moving on to the color of nail polish to adopt at 60, it is first important to talk about home nail care for mature skin. Because nothing better than soft, rejuvenated hands to enhance your new manicure. That said, don’t overlook thehydration – the right solution to almost every beauty problem and our first tip to remember urgently. Given that the skin dries out with age, nourishing care is a must in the morning and evening. Several cosmetic brands offer fairly effective anti-aging hand creams aimed at countering the visible signs of aging. Think of Caudalie, Clarins and Sisley among others.

A key step in good skin care, the sunscreen also applies to the hands. It is therefore important to limit exposure to the sun, as well as to stock up on products with sunscreens in order to preserve your hands as much as possible. UV treatments also contribute to the prevention of pigment spots.

Finally, the third tip concerns rather the care of the nails and more concretely the cuticles. To enjoy a 60-year-old woman’s manicure that rejuvenates and enhances the hands, it is crucial to also care for the cuticles. The best natural product is castor oil, but argan oil is another good option to consider.

what color of varnish after 60 years trendy shades 2022 manicure that rejuvenates

What color nail polish after 60?

Now that you have a good idea of ​​how to take care of your hands at 60, I reveal the color of nail polish for mature skin that will flatter your fingers best. And if you think the number of shades is limited, think again. There is something for every taste.

Neutral shades for women over 60

What nail polish color to go with everything? Focus on neutral colors whose many shades adapt to all ages and all outfits, whatever the occasion. If you have a fair complexion, I recommend nude or neutral nail art that promotes pink undertones. Warm caramel and taupe sublimate darker skin, while darker skin tones appreciate the mauve or cinnamon varnish which will bring out the natural richness of the complexion.

beauty tip : Nude nails 2022 are currently causing a sensation among women of all ages and they are the fall 2022 nail color to die for!

Gray as a nail polish color for 60 year old women

Trendy varnish color for some time, gray is not at all to be banned. On the contrary, this fall 2022 nail art is agitating the Web and has the great advantage of sublimating the hands without accentuating wrinkles, fine lines and brown spots. Thus, all the attention will be on your new trendy manicure and not on the signs of aging that we try to camouflage.

Orange-red for a 60-year-old manicure that rejuvenates

What nail polish at 60 to keep up with the times and camouflage the signs of time on our hands? Spotlight on my last proposal which is in fact my favorite: the orange-red color. Gray or nude nails are trendy and neutral, but how about flattering your fingers with a colorful manicure that feels good? Warm, bright and very fashionable, this remarkable shade suits all skin tones and you will not regret your choice.

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