What foundation after 50 to choose to sublimate and rejuvenate the face? Our top tips!

After the age of fifty, the skin of the face changes and reveals the signs of aging. Collagen production decreases and the epidermis loses elasticity and tone. This results in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, age spots and sagging skin. To delay these completely normal effects as much as possible, dermatologists recommend the use of anti-aging treatments such as day and night creams, concealer and masks. What about makeup? Should I change my routine? What foundation after 50? So there are many rules to follow, especially regarding color and texture. We tell you everything!

what foundation after 50 to rejuvenate the face how to have a luminous complexion after 50 anti-aging makeup

What foundation after 50? The right gestures to remember for a rejuvenating effect.

When it comes to make-up for 50-year-old women, the routine is no longer the same as at 20. Besides the care natural anti-aging to be incorporated into your beauty routine, the choice of the right foundation for mature skin is also essential. Why ? Because a well-adapted formula will gently moisturize the skin and camouflage the signs of time that have settled on the face. Rejuvenating and illuminating effect guaranteed! That said, we will explain to you in the following paragraphs which foundation to choose at 50 to lighten and sublimate your skin. Decryption.

Which texture to opt for at 50?

Before moving on to choosing the most flattering shade for your face, we will first examine the texture. Our editors, but also make-up professionals, recommend moisturizing and light formulas that won’t “tire out” the skin or create a mask effect. In addition, they are much more comfortable to wear on a daily basis and guarantee the rejuvenating and luminous effect you are looking for. Avoid textures that are too thick, which may accentuate all imperfections and make the face look tired.

Thus, the best foundation for 50 years will be the one whose material is creamy and slightly covering. Fluid textures known as second skin are also a good option to consider.

Now that you already know that hydrating, lightweight, flowing materials are the go-to, it’s time to talk about shade choice – a step to take seriously. Many fifty-somethings believe that darker shades will camouflage the signs of aging better and give a youthful look to the face. Certainly, a received idea that must be discarded. Why ? Make-up artists explain that dark shades tend to dull the complexion. It is therefore out of the question to attack you since you will also look unnatural and, even grotesque. The trend is natural and sober.

To find the right shade, it is crucial to test the product when purchasing. Contrary to popular belief, it should not be applied to the wrist, because the skin there is much lighter. Apply a small amount of the product to the jawbone where the skin tone is closest to that of the face. At the risk of repeating ourselves, light shades that cover the face well are preferred.

How to have a luminous complexion after 50 years and achieve a sunny complexion? Terre de soleil powder comes to your rescue! Apply in small dabs to gently warm the face. Also note that makeup brands offer products enriched with anti-aging care to sublimate the skin without it being visible.

which foundation to choose at 50 illuminate and rejuvenate the face anti-aging makeup

Once you have chosen the right foundation, you need to know how to apply it correctly in order to enjoy a rejuvenated and illuminated face. Make-up experts recommend using a soft brush to spread the material evenly and lighten the make-up. When applying, do not pull your skin too tight, as the product collects in wrinkles and creases. Ban brushes that are too dense or too thick, which will only contain too much material. Also, avoid applying foundation with your hands, as you will lose a lot of material.

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