Augustinus Bader, the brand of high-end skincare products, launched in Morocco (Interview) – Moroccan Ladies

Augustinus Bader, the brand of high-end skincare products, launched in Morocco (Interview) - Moroccan Ladies

Augustinus Bader, the award-winning brand of high-end skincare and haircare products, has recently been present in three spas in Morocco, at Esthécare in Casablanca and Rabat and at La Mamounia in Marrakech. A highly anticipated launch, especially since this brand, created in 2018, is described as revolutionary in the beauty sector. Interview with its Co-founder and CEO, Charles Rosier.

For the past few months, your Augustinus Bader brand has been present in Morocco through three points of sale launched in the country. Why this intro?
Indeed, a few months ago we opened three points of sale in Morocco, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we had not had the opportunity to make an official launch in due form. Being partners of the Marrakech International Film Festival (FIFM), we take the opportunity to make one. Morocco is a country with a dynamic economy and fairly strong ties with France. The brand is also increasingly popular here as well. Augustinus Bader aims to be a global brand, with two ranges, one for the skin and one for the hair, and is aimed at both women and men. Today, our first market is the United States. We are also present in Europe and Asia, and we intend to develop our presence on the African continent as well.

What is special about your brand?
Augustinus Bader benefits from the unique and patented discoveries of Professor Augustinus Bader, biomedical scientist and world-renowned expert in regenerative medicine. He is the only researcher in the world who has found the signals to trigger our dormant stem cells. Using TFC8 (Trigger Factor Complex), patented technology formulated by Augustinus Bader and backed by three decades of research in the field of skin healing and tissue repair, the company’s scientific products have contributed to transforming the high-end cosmetic care market. Composed of natural amino acids, high quality vitamins and synthesized molecules naturally present in the skin, TFC8 nourishes and protects the skin by supporting its innate potential for renewal. It helps to develop an environment that boosts the creation of optimal skin. This is why the cream can be applied to all skin types and at all ages.

It’s a revolutionary brand…
Yes, our approach is enough because our brand optimizes the functioning and health of the skin. World-renowned beauty journalists and influencers praise the brand’s unique benefits. Since our launch four years ago, we have received over 100 coveted awards from the cosmetics industry. In history, no brand has had such success in such a short time. For example, Augustinus Bader was voted the best beauty brand by ELLE 45 magazines worldwide, and the best skincare of all time by WWD Beauty Inc. composed of a jury of 300 beauty insiders and industry experts from around the world. entire.

What is your position today in the beauty sector?
We have just closed a fundraising of 25 million dollars to help our international development. A round table led by historic investor Impala and newcomer General Atlantic, with the personal participation of Antoine Arnault, Natalia Vodianova and Javier Ferrán. Augustinus Bader is now valued at $1 billion. We’ve reached a pretty impressive valuation which gives us significant financial flexibility. For us, that’s fantastic! Our company, launched in 2018, has attracted the interest of investors, consumers and the specialized press while obtaining numerous awards. Our brand resonates. We will continue to focus on product quality. We never launch one without having done at least 3 months of clinical trials beforehand on a sample of 100 people. It is also an innovation in the beauty and cosmetics sector. We have a certain discipline in the desire to create products with added value because the consumer does not need an extra cream or shampoo. There are enough on the market. We create products that provide solutions. I think as long as we focus on delivering this quality, the company will have a future.



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