Cetaphil® celebrates 75 years of success in the world of care for sensitive skin – Moroccan Ladies

Cetaphil® celebrates 75 years of success in the world of care for sensitive skin - Moroccan Ladies

Cetaphil, the iconic sensitive skincare brand recommended by dermatologists and owned by dermatology leader Galderma, celebrates its 75th anniversary this month by announcing its commitment to improving inclusion in the service of dermatology and strengthening the autonomy of people with sensitive skin.

A flagship brand in Galderma’s portfolio, Cetaphil has just unveiled several new initiatives that will help shape the communication and understanding of sensitive skin around the world as the brand looks to the future:

A commitment to inclusiveness in dermatology

Current structures within health care settings, academic institutions and society at large have resulted in inequities in skin care and, more specifically, in the treatment of skin of color – whether how the skin is represented and studied or the training of doctors. Skin conditions often have unique manifestations based on skin color. And lack of education about skin color can lead to late or misdiagnoses.
Through a number of initiatives, Cetaphil is committed to building a movement to increase academic, professional and cultural competence in the field of dermatology in order to eliminate the treatment gaps for all sensitive skins. In the first phase, Cetaphil includes:
– Academic training: Cetaphil supports the distribution of The Full Spectrum of Dermatology: A Diverse and Inclusive Atlas, Volume 2. This comprehensive resource helps physicians recognize the clinical presentations of skin diseases in different skin tones. Led by co-authors Misty Eleryan, MD, MS and Adam Friedman, MD, the Atlas provides side-by-side, high-resolution images of the most common dermatological conditions in a full spectrum of skin tones so that dermatologists around the world are equipped to diagnose and treat all skin types.
– Cetaphil clinical trials : The overall inclusion of minorities in clinical trials has remained unchanged over the past decade. Cetaphil aims to set a new global standard in skincare clinical trials to change the dynamics of the entire industry so that these trials are more representative of diverse skin tones. The brand’s goal is to increase the number of Cetaphil clinical subjects with skin color from 26% to ~40% globally by 2024.

New global campaign

To mark the occasion, a complete overhaul of the brand culminates with the launch of a new global campaign, À NOUS LA PEAU. LIFE IS YOURS. Studies show that many consumers think twice before indulging in daily activities they enjoy, or avoid doing so altogether for fear that their skin will react or become inflamed. Cetaphil’s new campaign – launched globally across the entire marketing mix – was created to empower people with sensitive skin to do more of the things they love without hesitation.
Founded on a firm commitment to advancing the science of sensitive skin, Cetaphil continues to deliver cutting-edge dermatologist-recommended solutions through new efforts in scientific discovery, education and inclusion.



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