Christmas shopping in Chartres: what is this beauty pop-up that has just opened

Neuf start-up de la Fabrique de Beauté seront présentes pour proposer leurs produits éco-responsables.

Nine start-ups from the Fabrique de Beauté will be present to offer their eco-responsible products.
Nine start-ups from the Fabrique de Beauté will be present to offer their eco-responsible products. (©Illustration – AdobeStock – Yakobchuk Olena)

Are you still looking for ideas for your christmas shopping ? Go take a look at the “beauty pop-up” which opens in Chartres (Eure-et-Loir) this Tuesday, November 22, 2022 until December 24.

This concept, an ephemeral shop in the language of Molière, especially offers to discover new eco-responsible brands trends presented by young local companies.

Beauty and cosmetics: nine start-ups in the spotlight

The beauty store of the Campus de la Beauté et du Bien-être (IBCBS – International beauty and cosmetic business school) is indeed back until December 24 in the Eurelian city.

For the end of year celebrations, nine young start-ups of cosmetics and well-being will be honored and will offer their products to local customers while the students of the school will each be ambassador of a brand and provide care.

We can find vegan varnish, revisited peter pan collars, natural care oils, refillable makeup, hair diagnosis and tailor-made care, cosmetics with sacred plants from the Amazon… scented gifts and advent calendar…


Customers will be able to draw their Christmas inspiration from these new, innovative and eco-responsible products, “and make an appointment for facials, waxing and nail polish…vegan of course” communicates WeSprint.

This operation is implemented as part of the support program for start-ups of La Fabrique de la Beauté, led by Chartres Metropolis and WeSprint in charge of the management and attractiveness of the CM 101 incubator in Coudray.

Respond to new consumer uses

The operation also stems from the historical partnership between the IBCBS and the metropolis, whose objective is to rely on the dynamism of start-ups “to design treatments adapted to new consumer uses and put technology at the service of cosmetics”.

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Such an event certainly has the value of a spotlight on the Beauty Factory, on the innovations brought by these start-ups, but it is also intended to be a very good exercise for these young shoots since it puts them in real situation to have to work on their communication, their marketing and their sales pitch with their first customers.

“A great local cooperation to support young entrepreneurs and write the beauty of tomorrow” rejoices WeSprint.

And do your smart Christmas shopping!

█ Practical: IBCBS Beauty Store – 18 rue Saint-Michel in Chartres. Open from November 22 to December 24, 2022, Tuesday to Saturday (10 a.m. to 7 p.m.). Reservation possible on the Planity app. Participating start-ups: Mintaka – 23Beauty Paris – Apycult – Léomée Paris – Cahé – PARDI – Esprit Léger – Les jardins de Jaïna – L’Officine du monde

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