Here’s why petroleum jelly is so important in our daily lives!

Voici pourquoi la vaseline est si importante dans notre vie quotidienne !

Today we are talking about one of those products that we keep at home and do not take full advantage of, when it certainly deserves it. No, it’s not hand cream. This time we are talking about Vaseline.

This cosmetic has accompanied us throughout our lives with the aim of moisturizing our lips, but did you know that it has many other uses? Among them, promote the growth of eyelashes.

Vaseline has multiple uses and benefits, especially for people prone to dry skin, which make it a star product in everyday life. Today we talk about the different uses of Vaseline and why we should give more importance to its application.

Vaseline is a petroleum derivative and hydrocarbon compound that serves as the basis for many cosmetic products. In fact, the word “petroleum jelly” is the trade name for a substance called “petroleum jelly”. It has many qualities, benefits and uses, especially hydration of lips and skin. As well as the strengthening of healthy and supplied eyelashes.

The origin of petroleum jelly

The origin of Vaseline dates back to 1865, when chemist Robert Chesebrough discovered that several oil refinery workers were collecting a waxy-textured residual substance and using it to treat burns and cuts.

Robert Chesebrough took samples of the substance and spent a decade perfecting and refining it for home use. Eventually, he patented the formula to cure the skin dries under the name of “Vaseline”.

Since then, Vaseline has been marketed in a myriad of formats, and even flavored with delicious scents and, in some cases, flavorings. The fact that petroleum jelly is derived from petroleum has caused a lot of controversy. However, this cosmetic goes through a long process of purification and refining before it reaches our hands, in order to eliminate any trace that could harm our health. The European Commission states that petroleum jelly is a safe ingredient and that its use is not dangerous.

VaselinePhoto: @nataliacastellarcalvani

Unsuspected benefits

Vaseline also has emollient properties, since it soothes dry skin, soothing and protective, protective, waterproof and adhesive. Vaseline does not dissolve in the waterwhich is why it is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry and in medicine.

It can be found in liquid or solid form, depending on the preferences and needs of the user, and it has a wide range of uses; a care skin when it comes to make-up, skin care, hand care. Among them :

  • Fights dry skin. Is incredibly effective in soothing cracked, dry and inflamed areas.
  • Improves the appearance of knees and elbows. Who have blackened because of the drought.
  • Soothes irritation after waxing.
  • As a moisturizing lip balm.
  • Strengthens eyelashes.
  • Helps remove longer cuticles easily. It is also an excellent moisturizing for the driest hands and nails.
  • To keep eyebrows well groomed.
  • Fragrance enhancer. Because when the skin is hydrated, it retains the perfume better.
  • To avoid scars. By applying it regularly.

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