How to take care of our skin in winter?

How to take care of our skin in winter?

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A routine specially designed for the evening.

Winter is upon us and colder temperatures are coming. It’s time to take care of our skin and protect it from external aggressions. To do this, we had the opportunity to discover several products from the Paula’s Choice brand to create a tailor-made skincare routine. In fact, the house created by Paula Begoun offers a wide variety of products and treatments suitable for all skin types: combination, dry, sensitive, oily, with imperfections, with wrinkles, dull or with dilated pores. Transparent products (the composition is detailed for each), renowned for their level of efficiency and made by experts. Good to know, customers can even get a refund within 60 days if they are not satisfied.

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A shock exfoliant

The skin must be regularly cleansed in order to eliminate dirt, dead cells, bacteria and residues of cosmetic products. On this level, water is not enough because it does not evacuate the grease particles. It is therefore best to use an additional cleaning agent. We opted for the 2% BHA Liquid exfoliator. An exfoliating lotion that removes dead cells and fights blackheads and blemishes. Using it is very simple, since there is no question of leaving it on and rinsing it off, just apply a few drops of the product on a cotton pad and cleanse your face with it. A step that therefore takes a minute and that can be done daily to end the day well and cleanse the skin of all the impurities that may have touched our face.

A product to be found here at the price of 39 euros.

A serum, for a boost

After cleansing our skin and before moisturizing it, the best thing is to apply a serum to it, which will allow your moisturizer to act more deeply while acting on radiance and firmness. Here we opted for the C15 Super Booster serum. A treatment that gives your skin a boost with 15% vitamin C for clearer and more radiant skin. Although it is suitable for all skin types, it is particularly aimed at people looking for an anti-aging effect or who have brown spots or dull skin.

A product to be found here at the price of 59 euros.

A little sweetness with a cream

We finish this routine with a night cream whose active ingredients will act during our sleep. Just like the serum, we opt for vitamins C with the C5 Super Boost night & eye contour cream. A two in one therefore, which therefore means saving time and just for that we love it. This cream seals in moisture for 24 hours, strengthens the skin’s natural barrier and firms the skin. Results ? A radiant and brighter complexion, visibly firmer skin and protection against environmental aggressions. Basically everything we need.

A product to be found here at the price of 54 euros.

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