Seine et Marne. Take time for yourself, at Malaurie Beauty

Seine et Marne.  Take time for yourself, at Malaurie Beauty

Malaurie Beauté offers many aesthetic services
Malaurie Beauté offers many aesthetic services ©Pixabay

It all started several years ago, when Malaurie, a resident of Saint-Martin-des-Champs (Seine-et-Marne) for four years, is passionate about the field of aesthetics. While working in dog breeding, she decides to change everything and go into beauty. I was then able to prepare an aesthetic CAP in two years and in apprenticeship. As soon as I obtained my CAP, I was able to work in Coulommiers. I was employed in several institutes,” explains the 27-year-old. During these two years of study, Malaurie discovered all the secrets of aesthetics, including facial care, waxing, modelling, foot care, hand care and even make-up. The advantage is that with this CAP, it is possible to open her own business, which the young mother will decide to do some time after her experience as an employee. “I drove quite a few hours to go to work, but above all I had the feeling of not giving enough time to the clients, because in a salon things go very quickly. I wanted to work in my own way, to take time with my clients and to develop the services that I particularly liked,” says Malaurie. The relational is the basis of the job for her and during her experience, she had the feeling of not giving enough to the customers.

The start

Almost two years ago, in December 2020, Malaurie mustered up her courage and launched her micro-enterprise, Malaurie Beauté. Things happen quite naturally since Malaurie already has almost everything at home. She had a place to set up to receive her clients and she already had professional equipment. But 2020 is the year when the health crisis hits the whole world and especially France. Malaurie, who has just launched her business, will be the first to be impacted by this crisis: “It was really difficult, there were time restrictions and I had trouble making myself known”. But over time, this enthusiast manages to climb the slope: “I managed to make myself known through word of mouth and it goes very quickly. I thank my companion who really supported me in this difficult ordeal. To go up, you have to be well hooked in any case! “. After some turbulence, Malaurie Beauty is launched and is becoming more and more known. This year 2022 has been rather positive for the young beautician, who has the feeling of not having done all this for nothing: “It is sometimes difficult mentally, because we think about the business every day. You have to always be available, but I’m super comfortable in my job and I wouldn’t go back, because I’m really good. The clients are happy, I take the time with them”. For almost two years, it has offered a large number of services.

A long line of benefits

Malaurie Beauté offers several aesthetic services, ranging from face and body treatments to hair removal, including eyelash enhancement. the eyelash enhancement is increasingly well known and Malaurie wanted to implement it in her company. For this, she did a training in August 2021 in Coulommiers. But then what is it? Eyelash enhancement is one of the many techniques practiced in beauty salons to emphasize the look. The goal is to achieve a result similar to that of an eyelash curler or mascara. He can stay between four and eight weeks. It’s rather practical for holidays or those who don’t have the motivation to do it in the morning! After protecting the eye, choosing the size with the client, preparing and applying the product to the eyelashes and letting the product rest, Malaurie will surprise you with the impressive change in your look. “It’s a great treatment that beautifies the look with a really natural effect”, explains Malaurie.

Eyelash enhancement possible at Malaurie Beauté
Eyelash enhancement possible at Malaurie Beauté ©Malaurie Beauté

If you do not want to do eyelash enhancement, you can also call on the young woman for hair removal, lips, thighs, legs or armpits. Or for a moment of 100% relaxation, you can choose facial or body treatment, ideal for decompressing! The range of choices is very wide at Malaurie Beauté. As for the prices, they vary between €6 and €53, depending on the service chosen. A slimming care package is also feasible. It is a little more expensive than a classic service. Calling on Malaurie Beauté also means pleasing loved ones with gift vouchers.

Head full of projects

Although she offers a wide choice of services, Malaurie has projects in mind, which she would perhaps like to develop later: » I would like to do other training, especially in more specific massages such as massage with the hot stone. The world of aesthetics is changing a lot, so I’m open to new things. I also tell myself why not develop the sale of products. All that remains to be seen! “. In the meantime, the young beautician exercises her profession with passion and desire. The relational side pleases her enormously and she does not see herself doing anything else. Aesthetics allowed the young woman to free herself, she who was very shy! So, discovering Malaurie Beauté means enjoying a moment of relaxation and well-being, alongside a passionate woman.

To note…

To make an appointment, you can contact her by phone, text or messenger. Malaurie remains very available. And to discover his site, go to his website. Malaurie Beauté is open every day, except Wednesday and Sunday.

Practical information: Website: Such. : 06 06 94 52 48. Email: [email protected] Facebook: Malaurie beauty

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