These beauty gadgets erase all the imperfections of the face!

Ces gadgets beauté effacent toutes les imperfections du visage !

The new era allows us to take care of ourselves very easily thanks to the gadgets of beauty so practical and effective that more and more brands offer them to us. These smart home devices are spreading like wildfire and becoming increasingly popular. Especially those that deeply cleanse the skin, smooth it or reduce imperfections and fine lines. The main reasons for their success are time saving, ease of use and professional results.

These gadgets that will make your facial routine easier are the devices who have functions similar to salon treatments. They are very valid alternatives to maintain certain results at home. Today in Benin Actu, we offer you a selection of gadgets of beauty that you could include in your facial routine.

The moonTM the gentlest and most effective ever created by Foreo

Photo: Foreo
Photo: Foreo

Among the companies that have opted for the technology beauty, Foreo is at the top of the list, both for its pioneering character and for its approach to boosting skin health and destigmatizing issues such as acne. The Swedish company is in line with its corporate values ​​– making people feel good about themselves. She has therefore launched the latest version of its iconic LUNA device.TM.

Did you know that the skin accumulate more than 4 kilos of dirt and dead cells in a year? Cleaning our skin with our hands is much less effective than we think. Reason why Foreo threw MOONTM 4, a 2-in-1 facial cleansing device that removes 99% of dirt, grease and makeup residue.

These tips for having beautiful skin every day

“It offers personalized cleansing based on your skin type and problem areas. Plus, it firms your skin with guided massages that tone specific areas of your face and neck. Soft. Efficient. Indispensable,” explains the Foreo team.

This facial cleansing and tightening device boasts of its size. Depending on the size you choose, you have the choice between different pastel shades: pink, blue, purple, orange or green.

How do we use it?

Step 1. Wet your face and application of your facial product. Clarify your MOONTM 4 and press the center button to turn it on.

Step 2. Choose your preferred cleaning mode using the buttons on the device. Clean your skin sliding the front of the device in circular motions over your face and your neck. Rinse your face and neck as well as the device.

Step 3. Apply your serum. Turn on the device, press the center button twice to activate the firming massage and perform the same movement on your face and neck. Rinse the device.

The magic of Nu Skin ageLOC Boost

Photo: @nuskin

When your skin looks great, that feeling spreads throughout your being. Forget the dull and tired look! In just two minutes, the ageLOC Boost will leave your visibly more radiant, plumped and revitalized complexion, with a youthful glow and a more even complexion. It features variable-pulse microcurrent technology, provides long-lasting benefits, and will give you a beauty boost with every use.

How to use the beauty product?

Step 1. Turn on the ageLOC boost device by swiping your finger up across the entire touchpad. Apply your serum on the conductive surface of the device. Spread the product on one side of the face.

Step 2. Start the application by swiping your finger up across the entire touch surface once more. Glide the conductive surface over the face with upward and downward motions.

Step 3. Repeat STEP 2 and STEP 3 on the other side of the face.

Step 4. The device will automatically turn off after two minutes. Massage the rest of the serum to penetrate the skin and continue your facial routine.

Boost collagen production with the Panasonic EH-XR10

Photo: Panasonic

The website gadget Panasonic’s EH-XR10 beauty gadget will enable at-home facial treatment, which combines both radiofrequency and ultrasound, which will allow you to increase the softness and elasticity of your skin..

It emits high frequency waves, and bipolar waves, which focus on effective power heat energy from the skin through ultrasonic vibrations. It offers ultrasonic vibrations of 1 MHz, cycles per second. And also allows a completely targeted action, and can be used with the included conductive gel to fight all signs of aging.

How do we use it?

Step 1. Apply the gel with your hands, lightly dabbing all over the face.

2nd step. Activate RF/Ultrasonic mode. Slide the device head for ten minutes on the face, especially on the cheeks and mouth.

Step 3. Activate the RF mode and massage the forehead area for two minutes.

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