This original activity offered by Audrey in her beauty salon, in Eure

This original activity offered by Audrey in her beauty salon, in Eure

Audrey Breant
Audrey Bréant has opened her Ambiance beauté salon in Bourg-Achard in which she offers her clients a waterbike activity. ©Stéphane Fouilleul

Have you ever imagined yourself, in a bathing suit, cycling in a large bathtub? It is the original concept of fitness and well-being thatAudrey Breant just launched Bourg-Achard (Eure). It is called the water bike. He gets closer to aquabiking which is practiced in the swimming pool in group lessons.

On November 4, 2022, the young woman residing in Flancourt-Crescy-en-Roumois opened its beauty salon “Beauty Atmosphere” in the Bourg-Achard business park, Allée Charles Nicolle. Beautician at home for a year, Audrey wanted to create her business and stand out from the salons already existing in the town. The waterbike is one of the innovative activities that could well appeal to athletes looking for a complementary recovery activity, seniors wishing to keep in shape or simply those who need to let off steam and relax. .

The waterbike consists of riding a bike in a closed cabin filled with water. ©SF

Cellulite reduction

In one of the rooms in his living room is a bicycle set up in a cabin that resembles a large bathtub. Once the water has risen to the height of the pool, the customer can chain the pedal strokes at the desired pace and benefit at the same time from hydromassage water jets:

A session lasts between 30 to 45 minutes. You can adjust the difficulty of the pedaling

Audrey Breant

The session costs 20 € for 30-45 minutes. The waterbike provides many benefits on the body such as the reduction of cellulite, better blood circulation, the feeling of “light legs”, or even the strengthening of the thighs and buttocks. Without forgetting that pedaling allows you to work on your cardio.

Audrey Bréant opened her beauty salon on November 4 in Bourg-Achard.
Audrey Bréant opened her beauty salon on November 4 in Bourg-Achard. ©SF

A Japanese sauna

In parallel with the waterbike, Audrey has fitted out a Japanese sauna. A relaxing and well-being technology consisting of a heated mattress and two domes that emit infrared into the body. The user lies on his back. Only his head comes out of the camera. A feeling of warmth is accentuated by mineral stones present in the mattress and on the domes. The Japanese sauna induces intense sweating which aims to eliminate toxins and promote the breakdown of fat. It also improves the quality of sleep.

Finally, the Ambiance Beauté salon specializes in face and body care, hair removal and even nails.

To contact the Ambiance Beauté salon in Bourg-Achard: 06 66 08 84 44. Facebook: Ambiance beauté.

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