What is the best shower gel to choose in 2022?

What is the best shower gel to choose in 2022?

From the delicate scent of jasmine to that of sweets from your childhood, this selection offers products adapted to skin types and their specificities.

The selection of the 10 best shower gels of the moment

Douceur d’Enfance Bonbon Cola DOP: a unique scent and ¼ moisturizing cream

Childhood Sweetness Candy Cola DOP
Childhood Sweetness Bonbon Cola DOP – DR

This DOP shower gel integrates the brand’s “Douceur d’Enfance” collection, where several scents are reminiscent of confectionery or pastries. Representing the scent of candy in the shape of a cola bottle, this neutral pH cleansing treatment has ¼ moisturizing cream. The foam formed rinses off easily, leaving the skin clean and lightly scented. Only downside: its bottle, recyclable but impractical to dose the product.

Most :

  • Unique cola candy scent
  • 100% recyclable bottle
  • ¼ moisturizing cream

The lessers :

Le Petit Marseillais Organic White Peach and Organic Nectarine Shower Gel: a 100% recyclable bottle and a 99% biodegradable formulation

Organic White Peach and Organic Nectarine Shower Gel Le Petit Marseillais
Shower gel Organic White Peach and Organic Nectarine Le Petit Marseillais – DR

The 99% biodegradable formulation of this Le Petit Marseillais shower gel respects the environment. The fruit extracts integrating the composition come from organic farming. The product forms a creamy and moisturizing foam. The family size of the 100% recyclable bottle offers many uses. We only regret the weak foam produced during use in the bath.

Most :

  • 99% biodegradable formulation
  • Organic peach and nectarine
  • Recyclable bottle

The lessers :

  • Little foaming in a bath

Cadum Hypoallergenic Body and Hair Gel: a 2-in-1 formulation with neutral pH

Cadum Hypoallergenic Body and Hair Gel
Cadum Hypoallergenic Body and Hair Gel – DR

Designed for dry and sensitive skin, this 2 in 1 shower gel Body and Hair does not contain perfume. Its neutral pH formulation contains vegetable glycerin and organic sweet almond oil, known for their moisturizing properties. This cleansing treatment can be used by the whole family from 3 years old. Too bad for its scent, pleasant but not having much to do with the original.

Most :

  • 2 in 1 body and hair
  • pH neutral
  • Vegetable glycerin and organic sweet almond oil

The lessers :

  • Scent different from the original

Cottage Orange Blossom Moisturizing Milk Shower & Bath Gel: a minimum of ingredients and a Mediterranean scent

Bath & Shower Gel Moisturizing Milk Orange Blossom Cottage
Shower & Bath Gel Moisturizing Milk Orange Blossom Cottage – DR

Also available in 9 other scents, this shower gel with a minimalist formulation respects sensitive skin. It leaves a scent of orange blossom reminiscent of Mediterranean perfumes. The formulation with 97% ingredients of natural origin does not contain parabens and remains easily biodegradable. The new 100% recyclable packaging is of vegetable origin. We only regret the weak hold of the scent on the skin after use.

Most :

  • 97% ingredients of natural origin
  • Recyclable bottle of vegetable origin
  • 10 scents available

The lessers :

La Provençale Replenishing Shower: AOC Organic olive oil and a 100% natural fragrance

La Provençale Replenishing Shower
The Replenishing Shower La Provençale – DR

As with all of its products, the La Provençale brand uses ingredients of natural origin in this shower gel. Organic AOC olive oil and organic aloe vera contribute to durably soften sensitive skin. The foam formed remains fine and does not form a greasy film after rinsing. This cleansing treatment leaves a scent of oily flowers on the skin, although a longer hold would have been desirable.

Most :

  • Moisturizing shower gel (olive oil + aloe vera)
  • Fine foam without greasy film
  • Original 100% natural fragrance

The lessers :

  • Pleasant scent but not long lasting

Naturé Moi 3-in-1 shower gel with organic maritime pine: use on the face/body/hair with a fresh scent

3 in 1 shower gel with organic maritime pine Naturé Moi
3 in 1 shower gel with organic maritime pine Naturé Moi – DR

Can be used to wash the face, body and hair, this shower gel tones the skin with a maritime pine scent. The biodegradable and sulfate-free formulation respects the planet and aquatic fauna. This 3-in-1 cleansing treatment moisturizes and nourishes the skin and hair. Tube packaging makes it easy to use and transport. Too bad for its small capacity, quickly exhausted in case of multiple use.

Most :

  • 3 in 1 shower gel
  • Biodegradable formulation with 98% natural ingredients
  • Paraben and sulfate free

The lessers :

BIODERMA Atoderm shower gel: a high-tolerance soap-free cleansing base in family size

BIODERMA Atoderm shower gel
Shower gel Atoderm BIODERMA – DR

Designed for sensitive atopic-prone skin, this BIODERMA shower gel does not contain soap, colorants or parabens. It helps reduce itching due to skin fragility or hard water. The practical pump bottle helps to dose the product with each use. Too bad for the fragility of the cap, tending to break easily.

Most :

  • Family format 1 l in pump bottle
  • High tolerance and soap-free
  • Calms itchy skin

The lessers :

L’Occitane almond oil shower oil: a practical pump bottle and a formulation with 95% ingredients of natural origin

L'Occitane Almond Oil Shower Oil
L’Occitane Almond Oil Shower Oil – DR

With a minimum of 95% ingredients of natural origin, this shower oil suitable for sensitive skin. Almond oil present in the composition of the product helps to moisturize the upper layers of the epidermis. After rinsing, the skin regains softness and suppleness, with a satiny, non-greasy finish. Only downside: a low foaming formulation.

Most :

  • Biodegradable formulation
  • Lipid-replenishing almond oil
  • Non-greasy finish

The lessers :

Mixa dermo-soothing shower gel: a formulation adapted to sensitive, soap-free skin

Mixa dermo-soothing shower gel
Dermo-soothing shower gel Mixa – DR

Hypoallergenic, soap-free and fragrance-free, this shower gel is intended for the whole family and the baby (except premature). Suitable for sensitive skin, this cleansing treatment gently cleanses and improves skin suppleness. Tested under pediatric control, it reduces tightness and itching due to hard water. We only regret the slightly greasy film on the skin after use and the lack of scent.

Most :

  • Soap-free, fragrance-free
  • Suitable for infants
  • Suitable for sensitive skin

The lessers :

LÉA NATURE Bewitching Natessance Jasmine Shower Gel: a 100% plant-based cleansing base and Cosmos Organic certification

Enchanting Jasmine Natessance Shower Gel LÉA NATURE
Enchanting Shower Gel Jasmine Natessance LÉA NATURE – DR

Thanks to a cleansing base of vegetable origin, this shower gel perfumes the skin with a delicate scent of jasmine. The formulation, free of soap and parabens, respects the most sensitive skin. Certified Cosmos Organic, this cleansing treatment gently cleanses and leaves no greasy film on the epidermis. We regret the absence of foam, logical given the neutrality of the composition.

Most :

  • Vegetable washing base (coconut)
  • Long-lasting jasmine scent
  • Certified Cosmos Organic

The lessers :

How to choose your shower gel?

It’s not just the scent that comes into play when choosing the best shower gel. If you have particularly sensitive skin (cold, wind, hard water, etc.), choose minimalist, soap-free formulations. The capacity is chosen according to its frequency of use and if the shower gel is used by several people in the household.

What are the differences between a solid shower gel and a soap?

As its name suggests, soap always contains this cleansing substance resulting from saponification. Conversely, the solid shower gel may consist of a vegetable washing base. It is essential to check the composition of a solid shower gel in order to avoid the sometimes irritating presence of soap.

This selection of the best shower gels is suitable for different skin types. More economical, family formats are however less practical to carry when traveling.

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