George Clooney Has Been Using This Beauty Trick For 25 Years, And It Seems To Be Working Pretty Well

George Clooney Has Been Using This Beauty Trick For 25 Years, And It Seems To Be Working Pretty Well

As surprising as it may seem, George Clooney has a surprising secret that he has been applying for more than twenty years in order to maintain himself physically!

You may not believe us, and yet it is George Clooneyhimself who confided in this unexpected tip during an interview for the CBS channel.

During this interview, the actor who has more than 40 years of career behind him made a startling revelation that he had been cutting his own hair for a very long time…

George Clooney reveals the secret of his flawless hair!

There, we know what you are saying to yourself, that it is nonsense.

Except that the images exist, and the former journalism student goes on to explain, stating don’t go to the hairdressersince it is by his own means that he cuts his hairusing a rather special mower, since it is equipped with a vacuum !

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Saving time, hygiene, comfort… all the arguments are good to encourage you to invest in this product Rowenta similar to the one mentioned George Clooneywith the difference that the device has not seen the light of day in another era, that it is much less bulky, and that in addition its price is much more attractive on the occasion of Black Friday.

Getting back to the point, the suction system present on this mower is capable of harvesting no less than 99% hair when you cut them. You can gold and already put away the broomthe tiny residues of hair that become embedded everywhere will be captured forever.

And then, honestly, it’s also cleaner than letting them build up in your sink or seeing them flying around the room. As for the unpleasant sensation that we feel when the very small hair comes to us scratch the neckit will be ancient history!

The suction mower: George Clooney’s secret to eternal beauty

Well, let’s say it clearly, if there is a man that you can’t physically criticize, it’s good George Clooney.

The fault at an irreproachable pace maintained since its beginnings, without ever the action exerted by time which passes does not come to harm the latter.

Apart from his pest smilethe one who has notably played in notable films such as Ocean’s Eleven, GravityA night in hell or even Money Monster also fascinates the crowds thanks to its salt and pepper hair who never seem to submit to the pitiless laws of old age.

Moreover, from the top of his 61 years oldhe continues to be an absolute reference in terms of male beauty, both in the eyes of the media and the general public, which proves that this story of a clipper that sucks hair is not just a whim!

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