Hair loss: the right gestures and tips to regrow your hair, according to experts

Hair loss: the right gestures and tips to regrow your hair, according to experts

How to stop hair loss and regain its length? A hair expert and a hairdresser reveal their most effective tips.

Did you know ? We lose approximately 50 to 100 hairs per day. But the body is so well thought out that others are pushing to replace them. Unfortunately, life being strewn with pitfalls, it is possible to be confronted with difficult periods (periods of stress, hormonal changes, unsuitable diet, etc.) which lead to more severe hair loss. There are several solutions to reverse this phenomenon. Tania Thelise (hairdresser for Ma Coiffeuse Afro and ambassador of In Haircare) as well as Valérie Mengeaud (Medical Director of Ducray dermatological laboratories) explain how to boost hair growth.

What are the tips for growing your hair as quickly as possible, according to a hair expert?

Hair loss is caused by multiple factors: stress, fatigue, nutritional deficiency, medical treatment, etc. Valérie Mengeaud shares 5 tips to put in place from the start of hair loss.

1. Trade in his usual and too aggressive care against gentle hair care: shampoo, conditioner, anti-hair loss lotion… The objective is to maintain the good health of your scalp, the source of good regrowth.

2. Bring the utmost delicacy to your hair. Give up the vigorous brush strokes and too tight hairstyles which can by force of tractions exerted on the hair , break it and drop it. If you feel your hair weakened, also stop coloring for a while.

3. At the same time, massage the scalp regularly. The dermatologist specifies that two minutes are enough to stimulate the blood flow to the hair and provide it with all the nutrients necessary for its proper growth.

4. Watch the composition of your plate. Diet plays a key role in hair loss. To stay healthy and prevent hair loss, hair needs the right amount of vitamins and minerals.

5. At the key seasonal changes of fall and spring, start a course of dietary supplements. Those based on vitamins and minerals can constitute a good additional therapeutic option by their essential role in the physiology of the hair.

Hair growth: food supplements, is it a good idea?

For Tania Thelise, “Most often, you have to use treatments in the form of capsules to be ingested.” Food supplements are a safe bet, “it helps limit hair loss and boost the hair.” And for good reason, they are digested by the body before going into the blood vessels, thus providing plenty of vitamins essential to hair growth. The dermatologist specifies that food supplement cures containing sulfur amino acids, B vitamins, iron or antioxidants are a good idea.

Being diligent is good, but are the results there when choosing food supplements? Tania Thelise confirms that after a month there is already a marked improvement, “Afterwards, it’s random depending on the people.” For an optimal and fast result “The best thing would be to do the two treatments (food supplements and serum) combined to really give yourself every chance.”

Are there natural solutions for hair regrowth?

The dermatologist shares a more natural solution to facilitate hair growth. Taken in oral form, plant extracts such as lespedeza capitata (in homeopathic granule version), milk thistle and blueberry are natural elements that have shown beneficial effects on regrowth. Indeed, they regulate the hair cycle, which corresponds to the life of a hair (the phase of growth, stagnation then the fall of the hair, and so on), promote the anchoring of the bulb and finally stimulate the microcirculation, all essential for good hair regrowth.

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