Jennifer Lopez opens up about her relationship to self-confidence

Jennifer Lopez opens up about her relationship to self-confidence

While she has just launched JLo Body – her new body care line – Jennifer Lopez gave an interview to the American magazine Peoplein which she confides in her relationship to the body and explains how she cultivates her self-confidence.

At 53, Jennifer Lopez advocates “self-care”

After launching her cosmetics brand JLo Beauty in 2020, the star is getting into the body care business with the first product being a cream that helps smooth, firm and moisturize the buttocks. An essential product for Jennifer Lopez who reveals that she grew up watching her mother struggle with cellulite and being frustrated at the lack of solutions to treat this problem: “I remember that she wished there was a magic formula to make the cellulite. And the truth is, it doesn’t exist.”

The star who just celebrated her 53e Anniversaire poses fully nude -and retouched- for her brand’s campaign.

With time, the actress and singer explains that she understood the importance of following a complete skincare routine for the face, but also for the body: “A lot of people invest in facial care, but do not invest in care for their body,” she said. “I’m not necessarily talking about spending money, but more about taking the time to cleanse, moisturize, use serums and masks. I want to normalize this need to take care of myself. It’s not something selfish. It is something fulfilling. If you can’t take care of yourself, you definitely can’t take care of someone else.”

I’m in an industry where youth is glorified and people try to erase, especially women, at some point.

Because according to Jennifer Lopez, self-care brings self-confidence: “I feel more confident when I’ve had a good night’s sleep, practice my affirmations and do my skincare routines. skin, sports and food. When I’m out of sync, I’m not myself,” she said.

Being sexy is not a question of age

The one who has been nicknamed the “bomba latina” explains that for her, “beauty has no expiry date”: “This sentence has always been my mantra because I evolve in an industry where young is glorified and where people try to erase, especially women, at some point. […] Growing up, I looked up to people like Diana Ross, Cher and Tina Turner, who were in their 50s and beautiful.”

For “JLo”, age has nothing to do with being sexy. “I think that you can look and feel sexy at any age. I really don’t like the expression: ‘You are beautiful for someone 40 years old, 30 years old, 50 years old’. How about we just say ‘you’re beautiful? I feel like I’m halfway there today and it’s just the beginning.”

To boost her self-confidence, Jennifer Lopez can also count on her now husband, Ben Affleck, never stingy with compliments: “He tells me: ‘I like it when you’re natural. No hairstyle, no makeup, just you in your own skin'”, words which according to the star make her “really feel beautiful”.

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