Karine Ferri’s 2 favorite treatments for beautiful skin are less than €11 during Black Friday

Karine Ferri's 2 favorite treatments for beautiful skin are less than €11 during Black Friday

Time doesn’t seem to have a hold on TV presenter Karine Ferri. Discover her beauty secrets.

At 40, the TV presenter Karine Ferri seems not to have changed since its beginnings in The Bachelor, the bachelor gentleman. The secret ? A well-crafted beauty routine where make-up removal and hydration have a central place.

On the occasion of Black-Friday, two of his favorite products are less than €11. A small price for quality care to be used daily to have skin as radiant as that of Karine Ferri. We tell you about it.

Black Friday: 2 Karine Ferri beauty essentials at a reduced price

By dint of chaining the filming of shows like Baby boom, Dance with the starsor Dating on the internet: love in the 1st match?the skin of Karine Ferri becomes more and more sensitive between repeated make-up sessions. She confided in our colleagues from Orange about her beauty routineits essentials as well as its go to :

After the shower, I cleanse myself with the Micellar Lotion from Avène, then I spray with Eau de Beauté from Caudalie, which invigorates the complexion and tightens the pores.

Micellar lotion – €10.95 instead of €15.95 Avene

For the most sensitive skin, Avène thermal water is known for its soothing properties. In order not to attack your skin, the make-up removal is paramount. Avène Micellar Cleansing Lotion combines the best of both worlds. Its versatile 3-in-1 formula cleanses, tones and removes makeup. Thus the skin is not dried out. At the moment, the price of this product is reduced: €10.95 instead of €15.95 on Look Fantastic.

Beauty water – €10.45 instead of €13.95 Caudalie

This care water smoothes the skin, tighten pores and restores radiance to the complexion. Applied before make-up, it helps protect the skin from the aggression of successive layers of products that prevent it from breathing during the day. With its floral and fruity fragrance, it’s a real well-being parenthesis accessible directly in your bathroom. During the Black-Fridaythis favorite product of Karine Ferri goes to €10.45 instead of €13.95

So you know the host’s two favorite products available for less than €11. However, if you have a little more budget, its moisturizer is also reduced. However, you will have to pay €81.75 (instead of €109) to try the Capture Dreamskin Care & Perfect from the house Dior.

Capture Dreamskin Care & Perfect – €81.75 instead of €109 Dior

This anti-aging facial treatment moisturizes and blurs imperfections ranging from tasksto wrinkles to redness.

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